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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

WOYWW - A Bit of Everything

DEAR WOYWW crafters, please Press your furry paw here for this week's post as silly Horace posted last weeks link for this week!!

Hello there WOYWWers . Another week has sped by and time once again for a spot of desk voyeurism over at julia's blog
On the bears' desk this week is a mess with nothing actually happening. As well as already having a couple of projects out ready to start - our journal and our Wreck this Journal book -we'd just come back from a small shopping spree and spread our purchases over the desk to admire.

Podgy is perusing a book we'd just purchased at our local newsagent for the princely sum of 100 pennies. Our newsagents is fab, a real step back in time experience with a second-hand bookstall outside, shop staff in old fashioned aprons, and even half-day closing once a week. The book is called Cult and the Occult, which actually is not an interest of ours, but as we were looking with journal images in mind, we thought this would be a fab buy. We were tempted by the book as soon as we saw the cover:

We also bought the book on top of the Occult book, just for the black and white flower images. We were undecided about the book of Cult and Occult at first, but a quick peek at the images when we had a quick flick through persuaded us we had to buy it:

We can't wait to start using it for journal pages and tag challenges.
Also on the desk is our brand new heat gun, no more watching paint dry, what on earth will we do with our spare time now??

We also have our Portobello Road stamps out as we have a memorial page in mind for the olympics.

Podgy started our page off with his gold medal, as you see there's been no progress since placing it on a blank page yet though, we need some Dylusions inks before we start properly. Watch this space. ------> <----

We're off to visit some WOYWW desks, happy hopping. :)
With love from the bears 🐻


  1. Oh boy... I didn't realise WOYWW started on what I still count as T!! The Occult book is fab - what images! Trouble is I can hardly bear (sorry - unintentional) to tear up old books... need to get over that, clearly. I'll be up with my WOYWW later in the morning (after I've had the night - that's when it's Wednesday as far as I'm concerned)!
    Alison x

  2. You know when you have one of those nights when you realise it's actually tomorrow? Well that's us today/yesterday, so we thought ' what the heck' WOYWW post here we come.

    By the time we actually sleep then wake up we'll be convinced it's Thursday!!


  3. I love those Portobello Road stamps. When I'm done Inchie-ing I'm going to start a scrapbook journal. I used to do it before - years ago - and it was fun.

  4. What fab buys you managed to find while out on your shopping spree. I always love to look at all the books in our local charity shops. I’m not always lucky but sometimes you just come across a special gem like to book all about Il Divo….no good from crafting but great for drawling over the gorgeous lads, Lol.

    Happy Crafting!

  5. It is so fun to go to our local thriftshop and get old books for 25 cents and use them for things like journal pages--these have some great images! Happy WOYWW! --Sandy Leigh (a bear lover and collector)

  6. I'd never thought of buying old books...gonna have to try that

    Hugs EllieWee #75 xx

  7. OHH. Lots of great images to use in your new (old) books. Is that Pudgy's gold metal for being cute?

  8. Thanks for the comment. Yes my name podgy panda came to me because I love Vinny the panda on the foxes biscuits Advert!!!
    And yes I am a bit spotty!!!
    Xjulie (paperpathway)

  9. Looks like a great book find! And I love your Portobello Road stamps! You have a lot of creating ahead of you!

  10. thanks for the visit! love the portobello road stamps. jenx 60

  11. Great finds at your local store! I have bought books planning on cutting them up then ended up using them for other reasons. The occult book looks interesting just from looking at the cover! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my rat trap. Vickie #38

  12. That's some busy bears love the look of your two books lots of great pictures to use for your journalling. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, hugs Erika. #83

  13. What lovely new things you have found to play with. Not sure that I could actually tear up books - but you never know. Happy WOYWW Anne x

  14. So glad you bears finally got a heat gun, but now whatever will you do with all that extra time?

    :)trisha, #122--another quilty inchie charm

    1. We might count the bobbly bits on our artexed ceiling ;)

  15. Happy WOYWW

    Some of those piccies are a little scary but great value. Watch your fur with that new heat gun!

    Have a good week bears :)

    Mikes Gal xx

  16. Love your Portabello Road stamps and those books sure will make some interesting journal pages. You are lucky to have such a newsagent close by.
    Have ag reat week.
    Von #27

  17. I think you are going to have to start another section just to upload the images from that Ocult book, loooovvvvvee that man he is awesome. As for Podgy he looks like he is really into the book. I do hope you get some desk space to be creative soon.

    Thanks for the giggle.

    Eliza #102

  18. What? You're going to use the medal on a page instead of eating the chocolate? Please tell me you bought two and ate one. lol Thanks for popping over to my blog for a visit already. ~ Laura #124

    1. Podgy ate the chocolate and saved the packaging :)

  19. Looks like you had a fab day shopping. Enjoy playing with all the new goodies.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #116

  20. Charity shops and junk shops are great for good finds, love the book. lots of possibilities. Francesca #99

  21. Great finds. Love the pictures on that book. Was there a chocolate in that medal?
    Famfa #28

  22. Sounds fun out shopping and bargain hunting!

  23. Cool stuff! Your newsagent sounds very charming and I would be there every day! I haven't tried cutting up books yet, but I'll get around to it sometime. Very interesting!
    Have a great WOYWW!


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