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Thursday, 25 September 2014

In The Background

Hello friends. Horace here today to apologise for being so remiss in keeping the blog up to date. A comment from the lovely Ali H inspired me to get crafting and write a catch up for our friends. First I had to get dressed in warm clothes as the temperature has really dropped the last couple of days. Of course, as soon as I dressed up, the sun decided to make an appearance!

I'd previously ripped some project ideas from Craft Stamper magazine

I decided to make some corrugated stamp backgrounds. I have to use up this never ending roll of card I bought over a year ago somehow.

Despite gifting half the roll to the cub, then using lots of the roll for textured pages in the art journals, then making two of these dos a dos books......

I still have enough left to paper a small house. On with the stamping technique: hang on, has anyone seen my scissors? How can I cut the card without them?

Oh! What are they doing in the paintbrush pot?

Never mind, carry on crafting. I cut a long strip of card

And then cut this into smaller pieces

I reread my instructions..... Which suggested gluing the corrugated card onto a thicker, more sturdy piece of card.

I didn't have any thicker card, so impawvised.

I pawrused the ink box...

I was feeling in a purple and red mood.

I swiped the distress ink over the card

And stamped it immediately onto my page, to avoid the ink drying out too much. As you see, I used the bears' own inimitable style of stamping.

I had a previously started page in the journal, so that's where I decided my stamping would go; as that's where the book flopped open.

The stamping came out quite faintly

So I restamped, this time sitting on the stamp a little longer.

I stamped randomly over the page, in red and purple. I like this style of stamping as you never know quite what you'll produce. The results depend on how firmly you press, and whether the card yields under pressure.

I decided to add some green to my page

And simply swirled it over the page

To create this effect.

Voila, one easy, freebie background. Created from existing supplies.

This technique could be used for card making, tags, postcards or ATC backgrounds. Why don't you try it?

With love from the bears