We blog, we bake.
We craft, we create.

Bears Who Blog? Why??

So, why do we blog? Well it all started with the human who squats in our bungalow, she was an extremely active human, enjoying many exercise based activities, as well as working in her local library, and attending university. However, after becoming unwell and having to give up work, university and other outside activities, she took up crafting, and along with that blogging, as an outlet for her over-active brain. She had always enjoyed writing, and began blogging her every day life, along with occasional craft experiments and baking exploits, and seemed to be enjoying her new hobbies. But! Although the human attempted to write interesting posts, we thought we could do better, after all, a furry bear's life compared to your average human life? No contest!! So, we staged a coup, and took over the blog, forcing her out completely. She accepted defeat (un) graciously, and now looks on wistfully from her spot under the bed, where we keep her, squashed amongst the boxes of craft supplies, while we get to play, purchase products, post interesting blog articles, bake wondiferous foods in her kitchen, and generally have a high old time. Well it beats sitting around just looking cute as she used to insist we did.

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