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Monday, 15 February 2016

Mundane Monday

Hello, it's Horace your favourite blogging bear again. Isn't it miserable out today? ( UK). Unremitting rain which on occasion turns to snow, and a definite chill in the air too. Brr. I'm glad I have my fur coat to keep me warm.

Anyway, where are my manners?? I bought you all some chocolates to share for Valentine's Day yesterday. Form an orderly queue.

So, I guess you want to know what I've been up to? Apart from copious amounts of sleeping, I've been enjoying this year's Lifebook lessons, and think the classes are even better than last year. This may have something to do with the fact that this year I'm journalling into a book, so can see the pages building up. Whereas last year I journalled onto separate sheets of paper.

One of Tam's ( Tamara Laporte - Lifebook creator) classes was called Quirky Birds. These were so much fun to sketch. The idea was to draw birds of various shapes then give them personalities of people you love, or things that resonate with you. I decided to make my birds into the humans I live with, and their cub.

First, the human who belongs to me. She has a love of reading, especially Dickens, so of course she had to have a book under her wing. She also suffers temperature control problems so I gave her a nice wooly hat and scarf to keep her warm!! I used foreign book pages to decorate her as she also has a love of languages.

The cub is very girly, so I gave her cute pigtails in her hair, and made it long, as she always wears her hair long. She is decorated with sheet music pages as she loves music. She has a penchant for wearing odd socks, so of course the bird had to have odd socks too. Finally she has high shoes and a fashionable handbag. Isn't she cute?

The male human loves pastys, Cornish pasties to be precise. Off I went to sketch him a pasty shaped head and eyes, and a nice big pasty under his wing, in case of hunger ( he loves his food). The male human also really likes walking, so what better decoration that a map?

I was having such fun with these birds. I could draw them over and over again, and I may just do that at some stage in my Dylusions journal.

For the time being though, I thought I should finish what I started. So I set to painting the birds and background.

I loved this class and am looking forward to the next Lifebook classes. I hope you've been having as much fun with your art as I am with mine.


Love from Horace

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