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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WOYWW with 5weeks to go...

Hello there, Cedric here with a selfie to prove it's me

I know this is WOYWW but I wanted to share with you all of the bear's recent doings. First, Podgy has been baking all the weekly bread that bears require. He was getting a little swelled headed until a recent disaster...

He forgot to add any water to the mix! Oops. Then when he tried to make another loaf he had a bit of a flour party

He's sulking in the kitchen right now, I'm sure he'll get back to his over confident self soon though. Meanwhile I'm busy at the desk, making cards for a certain occasion which will occur in 5 week's time. You can see some pre scored cards, patterned paper that a lovely friend sent us, a ball of sparkly wool for tag toppings and our corner rounder, as well as the card toppers of course.

I'm using tags we received last year in a Christmas advent swap, we know the sender, our dear friend Ali, will be pleased to see her lovingly made tags repurposed.

Horace has been on a bit of a sketchathon lately. I sneaked a little look in his book. I think he needs a little more practise.

Wilbear is still busy with his coursework, although you'll be pleased to know he passed his first module with a very respectable score. He's now working hard to create his second assignment, there's lots of sighing and groaning going on in his corner; he said his poor paws ache. Finally, you'll want to know what Pooh has been up to. Well, he's busy sipping from large coffee mugs while he watches me create all these cards!

He said I need to stop waffling and get on with creating, ttfn.oh, I nearly forgot, if you want to join in the fun, visit Julia's fab blog. Be aware though, the fun is addictive, once you hop, it's hard to stop!

With love from the bears

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Disappearing photos

Hello there, I took a whole bunch of photos depicting my recent craft time, but when I came to upload them none had transferred to the ipaw! Grrr. Instead I have a selfie for you! (I'm hoping Cassandra sees it and falls further in love with me.)

Anyway, the result of my craftathon was this paw drawn lady with specs. The background has everything thrown at it, patterned papers painted with a layer of Gesso, purple acrylic over the top, more Gesso, some glued on glittery string, flowers, stamping...... The word is a stamp from our lovely blog candy, and on the right is a small stamped sentiment, dream big!

Another recent project is this drawing, copied from An Illustrated Life then coloured with water colour pencils. The face was coloured at first with Spectrum Noir pens, which added two dirty smudges! Pah! I had to add watercolour over the top, resulting in the strange marks. Oh well. I'm quite pleased with the tile effect behind her though.

With love from the bears

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hullo there, another Wednesday, and surprisingly few until Christmas now! We're joining in with yet another WOYWW. For those of you who have no clue what the acronym means, take a looky here for an explanation. Our desk has a few bits on, Horace has begun another journal page in his large Dylusions journal, so far he's stamped a girly image and stamped her an outfit. He also has some journal shtuff ready to adhere to the page. You can see Wilbear's headset for his growl recognition software. He left it here when he went in search of snacks. You can also see the new edition of Scrap365 waiting to be pawrused, and to the left of that some scrap fliers that will be used for gluing and painting pawposes.

The scraps you can see placed on Horace's journal were found while we were having a little sort out, well, it started as a little sort out, and ended up as this. That's the second acronym, what's on your workbed Wednesday!

Eek, I think we had better tidy up before nap time!

With love from the bears

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Play time revealed

Hello there, following on from yesterday's mess, I thought you might like to see playtime in process. I was creating a page in the small art journal, and I texted the cub to ask which medium she thought I should use for the background. She suggested Watercolour crayons and I complied. I started by applying purple crayon through our fab new mask that we won in our blog candy.

I scrubbed some crayon over

The swiped it through with a bearby wipe. I then smooshed the stained wipe over the blank bits on the page to disperse the excess colour.

I ripped up some pages of text from Alice in Wonderland and glued them on with golden matt medium

I wanted to use this image, which we've had for a while but not yet used. I coloured her with the Spectrum Noir pens, does anyone else find these pens a bit of a disappointment? Some of ours are very dry, despite little use and being stored correctly. Anyway, I used the colours that still worked, then decided to place the image on the right hand side of the journal.

My page needed some extra background decoration, so I added some stamping, this time trying a new, more random technique, I call this the nose press.

Here's the background before the corrugated card was glued down. I rubbed yellow watercolour crayon between the white space of the mask for added interest and colour.

Of course, to a bear more is more, so I spritzed some Dylusions through an alphabet stencil.

And again but with some purple dylusions.

Eventually I added a stamped word, which I shall embellish into a quote as soon as I find one, I want it to represent the bears' struggles to find a balance with studies, art, illness and resting enough.

With love from the bears

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

WOYWW? Playtime for Horace

Helloooo, I have the desk all to myself and I'm planning to make the most of it, look at all the crafty goodness I have ready to play with. I've started already, I'm so excited to have some creative time. I've begun a background by rubbing purple watercolour crayon through our fabearlous new stencil from
Danie May's blog candy gift.

Why am I blethering on about the desk? Because it's WOYWW of course. What's that? Well pad along to Stamping Ground and all will be revealed.

What else is on the desk? Well, what isn't? Every glue we own, some paint brushes, a couple of stamps, a half decorated mini chest of drawers..... While Wilbear is out of the way, the creative bear will play! Once I've had a little look around to see what every other WOYWer is up to.

With love from the bears

Monday, 4 November 2013

We had some fun watching tiger cubs...

Hello there, we went to the zoo today to see the tiger cubs which were born mid June. We've seen them before but mostly at a distance. This time though they stayed in view of the camera, so we clicked and clicked to our furry hearts content.

Here they are just after snack time, we think they were hoping for more!

Here's their mum indulging in a meat snack.

Waiting patiently for food.

Mum and daughters, who will be lucky enough to get the meat?

And last but we think the best shot, one of the cubs by the viewing window, how incredibly cute is she? We wanted to bring her home to our lair.

The cubs are residing at Banham zoo in Norfolk. If you live near enough we recommend a visit. It's a small zoo but very well kept. Feeding time for the tiger cubs is currently 3.30pm, although this changes according to the seasons. We plan to return to see the cubs again soon.

With love from the bears