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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

WOYWW, a Finished Journal

Well hello there from Horace and other assorted bears, and welcome to another edition of the furbulous
WOYWW , hosted by the lovely Julia. Click on the link, take a look, but beware, you may become hooked!!

So, this week's desk at The House of Bears looks like this

I've just finished the big Dylusions journal, bought for me last year by Wilbear. I date stamped the day I started it as 6th August, so it's taken almost a year of fun to finally finish it. Here I am just decorating the outside. I chose to save it til last as I have a habit of accidentally dragging the covers through puddles of mist and paint!

This is the last page I did in the journal yesterday.

Although it is the last page I decorated, it's actually the first page in the book. I never journal in order. I let the book flap open and decide where I should journal.

My finished cover will be black, (to cover all the messy splodges on there so far) and to add some interest, I've used up some of the 3d alphabets we had

Hopefully the end product will look something like the idea in my furry brain. I'll take a break for now to go and pawruse some desk hoppers' desks.


With love from the bears

Sunday, 27 July 2014

In Fear of Melting

Hello there dear friends. Is it hot where you are? It is here. The British summer has decided to bring us something other than rain for a change and as furry bears we have been sweltering in the heat. At first I thought it a little bit of a novelty and took full advantage of bathing opportunities

After a while though I felt my fur start to singe so made a hasty retreat to the coolest place in the house

Note the chocolate bar for sustenance!

Once I was suitably cool, I decided to carry on with my newest hobby, sewing a quilt. My good friend Bearemy cut everything to size for me as my paws were not up to all that cutting

I then set to, stitching all my 6 x 6 squares together, first in rows, then stitching each row to the next

This took me ages, but it was fun to see my project growing square by square then row by row.

For the backing I bought myself a single sheet from Asda and cut it to size.

This proved very economical as I had enough left to make bias binding for the whole quilt.

I'm planning to finish stitching the binding in the autumn as it's just too hot to have the quilt on my lap and sew at the moment. Until then I'll occupy myself with small projects. I have a Debbie Shore book which has various interesting sewing projects in, so I'll probably busy myself with one of those until the weather turns cool enough to stitch quilted goods.

Happy crafting, see you soon.

With love from the bears

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

WOYWW - bears are back in town

Well hello there, Horace here with you today to join in with the wondrous WOYWW If you're not sure what on earth we're on about then click on the link to be taken to the best desk nose in the world.

We've been absent for a long time, but I'm feeling up to sitting in the ( very hot) garden and crafting. As you can see, Wilbear hefted lots of stash out for me to play with....

I think I'll start by eating the toast you see to the right, a bear cannot work on an empty tum! Next I'll have a play in the large Dylusions journal, which is almost full now, and almost a year since we started it too! The little journal is a friendship collabearation between us and the cub, and if I don't melt in the heat I may do something in that too. What fun.

I have Dylusions sprays out, and Dylusions stamps, so along with the journals, it seems like a Dylusions day to me.

I'm off to visit some desks, hopefully I'll catch up with old friends along the way.

Ttfn ( time to fry now?)

With love from the bears

Thursday, 10 July 2014

We're back

Well hello there, we're back. Did you miss us? We certainly missed posting. The Human Under the Bed ( known as THUTB) has not been well and we came out in sympathy with her and took to our big bear bed! We had a little break from the blog in order to regroup, rest and recuperate and although we are not yet fully recovered we've missed posting so much that we've come back to say hello and hopefully restart blogging on a regular, although less prolific than before, basis.

You'll see a few minor changes, Cedric was missing The Peak District, where he came from, so he has gone back to live amongst the Bakewell bears. Pooh Bear has decided to go back to Hundred Acre Wood as he was missing Piglet et al.

We shall try and blog once a week. We will definitely be art journalling as getting arty and messy has been very therapeutic whilst we've been recupbearating. It's amazing how sploshing a bit of paint and mists around can lift furry spirits, we may make the occasional card too, as we still have bear birthdays to send to. You may also see some of my (Horace's ) sewing projects from time to time. Podgy will of course be popping up here and there to show you his baked creations, and there may be some general bear waffle here and there too.

With that in mind, I shall start with some misty backgrounds, I hope the Dylusions sprays haven't clogged since our arty hiatus. Excuse the pyjama shot, I'm not up to getting properly dressed yet.

With love from the bears