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Sunday, 27 July 2014

In Fear of Melting

Hello there dear friends. Is it hot where you are? It is here. The British summer has decided to bring us something other than rain for a change and as furry bears we have been sweltering in the heat. At first I thought it a little bit of a novelty and took full advantage of bathing opportunities

After a while though I felt my fur start to singe so made a hasty retreat to the coolest place in the house

Note the chocolate bar for sustenance!

Once I was suitably cool, I decided to carry on with my newest hobby, sewing a quilt. My good friend Bearemy cut everything to size for me as my paws were not up to all that cutting

I then set to, stitching all my 6 x 6 squares together, first in rows, then stitching each row to the next

This took me ages, but it was fun to see my project growing square by square then row by row.

For the backing I bought myself a single sheet from Asda and cut it to size.

This proved very economical as I had enough left to make bias binding for the whole quilt.

I'm planning to finish stitching the binding in the autumn as it's just too hot to have the quilt on my lap and sew at the moment. Until then I'll occupy myself with small projects. I have a Debbie Shore book which has various interesting sewing projects in, so I'll probably busy myself with one of those until the weather turns cool enough to stitch quilted goods.

Happy crafting, see you soon.

With love from the bears


  1. That's very pretty and a wonderful idea with the sheet for a backing :-). I have often thought of making a quilt but never actually done it.
    It's very hot here too - expecting 38 today and we are having a huge BBQ - at least I have the pool :-D Keep cool there - I like the fridge idea and the chocco :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh Bears please stay cool and don't fry those paws and yes eat all the chocolate you need. Love the blanket you have been making it looks fantastic.

    Yoda wants some of your fur he is cold here with winter in full blizzard mode, he has a few bare patches in desperate need of fur.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda


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