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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Disappearing photos

Hello there, I took a whole bunch of photos depicting my recent craft time, but when I came to upload them none had transferred to the ipaw! Grrr. Instead I have a selfie for you! (I'm hoping Cassandra sees it and falls further in love with me.)

Anyway, the result of my craftathon was this paw drawn lady with specs. The background has everything thrown at it, patterned papers painted with a layer of Gesso, purple acrylic over the top, more Gesso, some glued on glittery string, flowers, stamping...... The word is a stamp from our lovely blog candy, and on the right is a small stamped sentiment, dream big!

Another recent project is this drawing, copied from An Illustrated Life then coloured with water colour pencils. The face was coloured at first with Spectrum Noir pens, which added two dirty smudges! Pah! I had to add watercolour over the top, resulting in the strange marks. Oh well. I'm quite pleased with the tile effect behind her though.

With love from the bears


  1. Hello bears - lovely to hear from you! And so sorry to hear about your disappearing photos, though the end results are still hugely impressive. The layers in that background are amazing, and both faces have real personality. Agree about the tiles too, though it has a touch of Psycho about it...
    Alison xx

    1. Ah, Psycho, maybe that's why she looks scarred. Eek

  2. what a shame your photos vanished i hope one of the other bears didnt erase them. You are getting real good at your faces.
    Gill xx


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