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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WOYWW with 5weeks to go...

Hello there, Cedric here with a selfie to prove it's me

I know this is WOYWW but I wanted to share with you all of the bear's recent doings. First, Podgy has been baking all the weekly bread that bears require. He was getting a little swelled headed until a recent disaster...

He forgot to add any water to the mix! Oops. Then when he tried to make another loaf he had a bit of a flour party

He's sulking in the kitchen right now, I'm sure he'll get back to his over confident self soon though. Meanwhile I'm busy at the desk, making cards for a certain occasion which will occur in 5 week's time. You can see some pre scored cards, patterned paper that a lovely friend sent us, a ball of sparkly wool for tag toppings and our corner rounder, as well as the card toppers of course.

I'm using tags we received last year in a Christmas advent swap, we know the sender, our dear friend Ali, will be pleased to see her lovingly made tags repurposed.

Horace has been on a bit of a sketchathon lately. I sneaked a little look in his book. I think he needs a little more practise.

Wilbear is still busy with his coursework, although you'll be pleased to know he passed his first module with a very respectable score. He's now working hard to create his second assignment, there's lots of sighing and groaning going on in his corner; he said his poor paws ache. Finally, you'll want to know what Pooh has been up to. Well, he's busy sipping from large coffee mugs while he watches me create all these cards!

He said I need to stop waffling and get on with creating, ttfn.oh, I nearly forgot, if you want to join in the fun, visit Julia's fab blog. Be aware though, the fun is addictive, once you hop, it's hard to stop!

With love from the bears


  1. So the house of bears is full of busy bears as usual (especially Pooh seems to be very burdened with hard (thinking?) work). Tell Podgy I am sure everyone has forgotten to add something important while baking bread (or cake) at least once in his life. Only five weeks till X-mas? Eeeek! Well - I should at least start with some cookies, shouldn't I?

    Have a good time, bears! Take care!

    Claudia x

  2. Busy busy busy! I've been doing cards too. THAT event creeps up very quickly, doesn't it?

  3. Good morning Bears
    My you are all busy with lots of lovely things. Good job you don't need to hibernate with central heating!
    Hope you have a good week too.

  4. Hi Bears! What a busy lot you are this week, but nice to see you are all involved with something creative.
    Thanks for the visit this week, always good to have friends drop by.
    Krisha #4

  5. Hello Cedric! Long time no see. Looks like you're quite the productive bear. So glad Pooh is offering paw-courage-ment. :) Sending a well done to Horace. The drawings are coming along quite nicely. Happy to hear Wilbear is doing well with his coursework. And I can sympathize completely with Podgy's woes in the kitchen. So nice to see y'all got your paws into something or other. Hugs from my Girls! Thanks for the earlier visit! WOYWW hugs! Nan G #22

  6. What a busy bunch of bears you are! Love the scalloped card shapes, I bought myself some a couple of weeks ago. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #36xx

  7. Tell Podgy I work with a lady who always forgets something when baking so we get to try all sorts of interesting mistakes. Some work out and some don't. The Christmas stash and tags look like a lot of fun to play with.

  8. Hello the bears! Love the stories of you all. Congratulations to Willbear for passing his first module so well. Tell Horace I love the sketching of the first bird especially, and I love to see what you are making Cedric. Thanks for popping by earlier. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#48)

  9. wow what busy bears this week well done to willbear and sure the next module will be a success too. loving the christmas cards and if you can reuse or recycle even better best wishes to all and thank you for your kind words earlier have a great week Andrea #27

  10. wow, lots going on around the bears! Like the sparkly wool for the tags, nice idea.

  11. Pooh sounds like he has it all under control !
    Lots of crafting happening at yours
    Jackie 33

  12. Happy WOYWW. A busy household full of bears - sounds wonderful. Tell Podgy that I forgot to put the yeast in the breadmaker last week. A very small loaf came out! Ali x #37

  13. You are busy little bears. Congrats on passing with a great score but oh dear, the bread was not so successful. Fabulous drawings.
    Have a great week,
    Von #24

  14. Gosh the bears are busy little fellas. Good for you getting a really good score now that is something to be proud of. Thanks for popping in and saying hi, give a bear hug to all please.

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 1

  15. Busy week, wouldn't catch me baking anything - thanks for popping by BJ#51

  16. Love the Selfie, Cedric! How trendy you are being part of such a 21st century phenomenon! Sorry to hear the bread was a bit of a flop! Well, the best cooks have their off days. You are all so busy - OU, Christmas Cards - you're not bees but you do live in a hive of activity and Pooh did love honey. Thank you for finding the time to visit! Sorry I'm a bit late, but I do love to visit the House of Bears. Julie Ann xx #29

  17. Very busy bears indeed. I love making bread, it's very soothing, but it does make a mess when you're not careful. Love those cards and drawings.
    ThanX for the visit earlier. Happy late WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week.
    xx Monique #46

  18. Busy bears this week ! Sorry to hear about the bread making hiccup - easily done !! Thanks for calling by ! Ali #28

  19. I don't believe I've ever seen such busy bears...and don't forget the more you make the better it gets...lol have a great week. Happy WOYWW De De #16

  20. Great selfie, Cedric - and I'm happy to see that somebody's getting on with the Christmas cards - Pooh really ought to lend a hand, shouldn't he? Sorry to hear that Podgy's having baking woes - maybe it's withdrawal symptoms from the GBB-O.

    Very happy to hear things are going well for Wilbear - I'll be checking in with his witterings shortly!
    Alison xx


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