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Friday, 19 February 2016

Catching up

Ooops, hello there. You caught me reading the male human's bird book. He joined the RSPB last week and this book was the free gift for joining.

As well as twitching, I have been busy with arty exploits here and there. I really had a fancy for some spraying so got out my favourite colour Dylusions sprays and had a bit of a spritz, first directly onto the page and then some ghosting by spraying water through a stencil. I love this effect. I have no idea what I'll do with this page but the spritzing was great fun, and for once I managed not to redecorate the walls at the same time.

I also took part in another Lifebook class, this time by the very talented Donna Downey. The idea was to create using only black and white. Donna painted a beautiful vase of flowers, I sploshed some paint around a bit!!!

To assuage my hunger whilst painting, Podgy made me the most delicious malt loaf. Yum, I had mine with Butter and Marmite.

Lastly, but not leastly.... Another Lifebook class. This one was called Fearless Painting. Annie Hannan (or Hamman, I forget sorry) paints in collaboration with her 3 year old daughter and says the process of ruining your painting so you can fix it is freeing as you don't get so attached to your work or try for perfection. I couldn't bring myself to paint quite so freely as she allowed her daughter to on her painting, so I added some magazine image eyes, a nose and mouth to make mine more fun. I really enjoyed this class.

Now it's time for a snack and a lie down, us bears need our sleep and nourishment you know.


Love from Horace


  1. WoWza !!! What fabulous creations. I love the spattered background papers. Such a beautiful colour combo - I think I might have to invest in some Dylusions !!!! :-)
    The flower painting is really cool and I LUV that face you did. I too find it hard to be totally free - I am more fiddly, detaily sort of person !!! I am just starting to dip my toes into Art Journaling but I don't know how long that will last hahaha :-D

    Ooooh - malt loaf - yummy. Does it have sultanas in it ????? I like it with lots of butter but I think it is sacrilege to contaminate it with Smarmshiite !!!!!!

    IKE xxxx

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  2. Hi Bears great to see your creative projects this week. Podgy is so perfectly placed to create monochrome black and white art ! The malt loaf looks yummy! Ali x

  3. We miss you bears... hoping all is well. Sad that I can't see any photos here!
    Alison x

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