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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fab Flowers

Evening all. Horace here to show you how to make fab paper flowers from your cardstock. I found this handy tutorial while perusing blogs


It's so easy to follow, and helps use up all those pieces of cardstock you keep in the hope they'll come in handy one day. Of course, making your own flowers saves a fortune compared to shop prices for blooms.

The first step is to choose some card, you need enough in one colour to cut three squares, one 4x4" one 3x3" and one 2x2"

Fold each square of card twice, into a triangular shape.

Now take some scissors, and cut in an oval fashion across the shortest straight line of the card, unfold your cut card to reveal this

Repeat for the two remaining triangles, then punch a small hole into the middle of the petal

Choose a coordinating brad from your stash, ours are in small baggies sorted by colour - we're very organised bears!

Add the chosen brad to the middle of your smallest petal, then layer the other petals underneath the smallest, making sure to feed the brad through every layer. Your flower should now look like this

Next, mist each layer of your flower with water, until it's quite wet, but not dripping. Scrunch up each individual petal of the flower as you wet the layers.

Once every petal is scrunched up, carefully uncurl them, and leave to dry. Then you can sit back and admire your creation. How pretty.

With love from the bears 🐻

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