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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

WOYWW? Secret journal stuff

Well hullo there. It's your royal Podgeness here this morning. I've nabbed the desk to join in with WOYWW. If you haven't heard of WOYWW before then take a trip over to Julia's Blog to find out more.

We spent a large chunk of Sunday art journalling with the cub. We clubbed together to buy two small Dylusions journals. We're going to create collaborative journals and we made a start on them. We'll each create pages then swap the journals when we meet. We'll both end up with a journal created together. We've decided that if a page is date stamped it means it's completed and the other person can't add anything to it, but if a page has some creation on it but no date we can add to it and even pass it back for further decoration. A page is only considered complete once it's date stamped. Here's the journal we have at the moment. It's opened on the cub's page as we don't want her to see our next creation just yet.

There's not a lot else on the desk, when the cub visited we worked in the kitchen as the desk is too small to fit both of us.

I thought you might like to see yesterday's supper too. Dinner tastes so much better when it's smiling!

I'm off for a hop around some work desks now. TTFN

With love from the bears


  1. LOL! Cute dinner - I am reminded of my German boss at a restaurant I worked at as a student. He often packaged up a sausage, new potatoes and a bit of parsley to look like....well, you can guess. But only for the ladies take-away. He'd be arrested in this day LOL!

    I love the idea of a journal exchange - esp. if you don't have to mail it. Always a risk.

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (15)

  2. Oh you lucky bears that is one of our favorite meals, especially when DH is not home. LOL

    Happy journal-ling Bears

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 66
    Happy WOYWW

  3. Happy WOYWW. Not joining in this week, but still having a tour around. Good idea to share journals. I love mashed potato! Ali x

  4. What a nice idea you have both come up with for your journals
    Thanks for the early visit today
    Jackie 40

  5. what a lovely idea to share the journal. Your tea looks scrummy too, not sure id want mine to smile at me though.

    Gill x

  6. A really yummy meal, and a lovely idea with the journals.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #65

  7. Hi Bears! Brilliant idea for your collab. journal - sounds like it's going to be fun - ENJOY! Thanks for your visit. MMx #49

  8. Many thanks for the visit, Bears! What a great and highly organized idea for the journal. Glad you liked the work desk today. Your meal looks amazing, by the way - probably better than anything Siouxsie Sioux could cook! Julie Ann xx

  9. What a brilliant and completely lovely idea for the joint journals - they will be absolute family treasures. Love it!! Hope you'll share lots of pictures if the cub is willing... Dinner looks delicious!
    Alison xx

  10. the joint journal is a great idea - have fun and show us what you do! Hope you enjoyed the dinner. Helen 24

  11. Hi Bears! Happy WOYWW!
    Love the journal and I am so glad you are enjoying your food!

    Cazzy #91

  12. What brilliant fun having your "girls together" journal ! Hope you have a great time working in the new journals ! Ali #96

  13. Such a neat way to work with the Cub...swapping journals. Having dinner smiling up at you is a very enjoyable way to dine. Yum! WOYWW hugs! Nan G #69


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