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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Arty makes

Well hullo there. It's your friend Horace here. I keep posting updates of things I'm creating but never the finished makes. I thought it was time to rectify that with a little gallery of doings for your delectation.

The first photo is a page in the journal collabearation we are creating with the cub and was my entry. I had to wait until she'd seen the page before posting it and we just swapped journals last week. I used texture paste and acrylic paint for the first layer of background, then inked over a stencil, followed by some random stamping. I then created an odd flower person with Dylusions and Paperartsy stamps, adding magazine images for the facial features. The title is also magazine cut outs, and apt for both this page and life at The House of Bears in general!

Below is a silly creation that came into my furry little head one evening. I wanted to sketch a face, then wondered, what if there was a face trapped in my journal. My furry mind works in alternative ways! An awful lot of black neocolour crayon was sacrificed in the making of this page.

The next page was inspired by an afternoon's splatterthon in the garden. I took my small journal out into the sunshine and randomly flicked acrylics over it, and the grass, and myself.

Once back inside and cleaned up. I added some flowers and eyes ( I seem to be having a flowery eye phase). The flowers are from patterned paper we had in the stash box and the eyes are from Dylusions stamps. The phrase came to me as I created.

Next, a slight change of theme, although still featuring a face. The cub bought us a fantastic stamp set on our recent bearthday. I had to try them out rightaway. This is one of three cards I created. You may have seen my earlier post where I painted giant bubble wrap and pressed it onto a journal page? Well the card blanks had the same treatment, followed by distress stain splatting. I then inked the rim of a plastic lid with the distress stain and randomly stamped that over the card, added some distress edged patterned paper and the fab stamp and hey pawsto, a greetings card was created.

The next creation was made at the cub's. How come someone else's stash is so irrisistable? We always take a journal on our visits, just in case the cub has anything we need to play with. This time it was her Gelatos, smeared onto the background and some of her stamps added. We them pawloined a magazine image and stamped a sentiment to finish the page.

Goodness, am I STILL going on? Well, okay. The creation below was a complete disaster, averted eventually after much wailing, sighing, and baby wiping. I tried to copy a Balzer designs page tutorial, but in my enthusism, I failed to realise that my background was complete at least 3 steps before the tutorial's, and went for complete overkill. Well, it looked like I'd slaughtered several Smurfs with a sharp machete on my page. Thank goodness for baby wipes is all I say. Lots and lots and LOTS of wiping across the pages removed the dead smurfs and took the page back to an acceptable state, whereby I murdered several chicks and one or two smurfs to produce the background below. I hastily added (more) flowers ( no faces this time though.) The tree tag on the page came from some lovely mango wood furniture Wilbear bought us. We just had to save it for a journal page.

Are you bored yet? What? You want to see one final picture? Well, as you asked so nicely. A sketch? No problem. Here's one I drew earlier. This picture was on the back of a latte sachet box, so I thought I'd see if I could repawduce it, first in pencil, the coloured with my watercolour pencils. Her legs are a little long and thin but hey, doesn't everyone want long thin legs these days? I know Podgy does.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the recent creations at The House of Bears. Tomorrow we plan to have a blog catch up day and visit all our lovely friends, to see what you've all been creating.

With love from the bears


  1. WoWza - you have been busy !!!! Some really fantastic creations there and I love the Guy in the hat stamp !! Whose designs are they ? So glad you get to create with the Cub too. My Cub lives too far away :-( I LUV how colourful your works are and that you are not afraid to experiment and be free. :-)

    IKE xxxxxxxxxx

  2. So glad to see there's been plenty of crafting going on, and there are some great pieces here. The first one is fab, though I hope that flower doesn't give the cub nightmares - it is somewhat disturbing! Great card with the new stamp (again a little alarming), and amazing pages. Ironically my favourite is, of course, the one you claim started out as a complete disaster!!
    Alison xx


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