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Monday, 7 April 2014

Journal collaborations with the cub

Hello there friends. It's time for more pictures than words here at The House of Bears as we take a peek at some of the pages created in the journal collabearations with the cub. As you may remember, we each have a journal to create either a full page, a background or something arty in. The page can be complete, half done, just a mist on a page etc. we then swap journals and pages that are date stamped are considered to be finished and cannot be worked on by either of us. Any undated pages are free to be altered in any way, even by completely covering the original art work. It's great fun as you never know what's going to be added when the journals are swapped.

Here are some completed and half done pages in the journal so far.

This was the first page created by the cub when she took the journal home for the first time. This is date stamped.

This is part of a double page and not date stamped, a whimsy girl drawing by the cub. Horace added a butterfly to her hair and some pink texture and the words 'if only' to the opposite page. We can't wait to see if the cub has added any more to it when we swap again.

This is a work in progress page, lots of mists, an altered envelope, some stamping. We're looking forward to seeing what happens next with this.

A finished page by Horace. Inspired by Pink Floyd song lyrics.

A finished page by the cub. Simply beautiful.

Lastly for now, a work in progress, joint collabearation page.

We'll be back to show you more as this and the journal collabearation with our friend Cath progresses.

With love from the bears

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