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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Catching up

Well hello there dear friends. We're guilty of blog neglect of late. Lots of goings on which we won't bore you with as they're health related (zzzz) but we are hopeful we will all be sorted and sharing more furbulous fun soon. Thank you for messages asking if we were okay, how lovely to know we're thought of.

It's Horace here to catch up with you as I'm the only one who has been sporadically creating and I also pawsuaded the other bears to take some photos of my daily doings.

I have to admit, since we've been under the weather, I seem to have developed a bit of a spending habit. I just can't help myself, one minute I'm pawrusing the intetnet, next, bam, my virtual shopping basket has been checked out and become a reality. Some of my pawchases have not been of the sensible variety. Take these skates. I keep falling over when I try to skate!

I tried ringing bear spenders anonymous, but they left an answerphone message saying they were busy shopping!

I did manage to distract myself from shopping for a little while, once I'd had a teensy spend on an inspirational art book that is! I settled down with my new sponsor puppy, Herbie ( sponsored for Guide Dogs for the Blind) I sketched some weird cats, for future journal pages maybe.

Yet more spending on the Internet and I bought myself a summer outfit, it's rained ever since!

Luckily (for me, not the bears' bank balance) I pawchased a sweatshirt at the same time. Brrr.

You'll never guess what new hobbear I've taken up? Sewing!! I saw an advert for a sewing machine on offer at Hobbear craft, and bought it. I did make this snazzy bag though, not bad for a very first attempt.

Then I went sewing crazy and made this onesie from a made up pattern (I lay down on the paper and drew round myself!!)

Finally, not content to leave it at the items I already made, I decided I needed a monster pet. I found a pattern online and got busy. What do you think?

I'm already looking for my next project, maybe an envelope style cushion cover. Nothing too big as before this I've never sewn more than a loose button, and usually that falls off soon after.

We have a medical appointment next Tuesday, and hope it won't be too long after that til we're sorted and posting some crafty type doings. We try to keep our Facebear page up to date as that's very quick to update. At the moment I'm attempting 100 Happy Days on there. Posting one picture a day of something that makes me happy. If you have Facebear (or book for humans) check out our page. Search The House of Bears on there and you should find us. We also have Instagram (search house of bears or pootlepops) where we post old and new pics. We'd love to see you on either site.

With love from the bears


  1. So good to hear from you bears again. Hope the heath issues have been cured.

    Sewing???? very well done, love the bag and the monster pet.

    Will look for you on FB

    Take care!

  2. Hope you feel a bit better soon ......... love the bag! x

  3. YaY !! Good to hear from you :-) Gosh - I know what you mean about shopping but I am impressed that you pawchased a sewing machine and you made some fantastic projects. Great outfit :-) I just adore those little skates :-D
    Good luck with your appointment and I hope you are feeling 100 pawcent again soon :-)
    IKE xxxx

  4. Hi Bears - so great to see you back blogging ! Missed you !
    Hope the health worries will be sorted out soon.
    Fab new outfits & the onesie made me smile - so cute !
    Great to see you getting into sewing - just be careful not to get any fur stuck under the machine foot or you could end up sewing yourself !! Ali xx

  5. Me again - sent you an email as I am worried coz you're not about !!! ? :-(
    Mega Hugz

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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