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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bear introductions

 Hello there, we're a bunch (or hug if you want the correct name for a collection) of bears living in a beargalow in deepest darkest Bearshire

This is The Colonel, so called because he usually wears his military uniform, and he thinks he's head bear (he's wrong!) Here he's wearing his England kit in support of his beloved rugby team. He wears it every time they play.

This is Wilbear Steifflington, born in 1910.  he sits on the wicker chair in the hallway watching the world go by. He knows that as the oldest, he's really top bear in the beargalow. Here he's trying out a more feminine look with a new pawbag. 

The colonel often likes to listen to toons on his Ipawd, some of his favourites are by Abbear and Justin Timbearlake!!

Podgy likes to think he's quite intellectual, and can often be found reading his daily newspaper. Here he is perusing the small ads, looking to buy a Panda car maybe?

The Colonel and Horace, modelling their new Christmas outfits. Very fetching!

We'll be back to inform you of our adventures as they happen.

Love from the bears.

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