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Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubearlee Party

This is such a special occasion, we couldn't let it pass without a party to celebrate our dear Queen Elizabear's phenomenal reign.

Wilbear made us a delicious quiche, full of great British ingredients, and with the left over pastry he made us some jam tarts, strawberry flavour, our favourites.

Horace made ham and cheesy triangle sandwiches, and we also also had red white and blue fancies, and a very patriotic tin of choccy biscuits. It didn't take us long to polish it all off!

We had our picnic indoors, as the weather outside was far too dreary for furry bears, Imagine the state of our fur if we'd sat in the rain all afternoon.

We dressed in red, white and blue, Podgy overslept and turned up in his dressing gown! He said at least it was the right colour!

We watched the Queen's pageant on TV, her madgbeary looked very chilly. We waved our flags at her to cheer her up.

Podgy went a little OTT on the sparkling wine, he can never hold his drink.

We hope you all had a splendid Jubearlee weekend, and we would like to wish his Royal Furness Prince Philbear a speedy recovery from his sudden malady.

With love from the bears 🐻

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  1. Podgy how rude of you to be hinnebriated at such a prestigous hevent! Loving the red white and blue fancies tho!! Totally missed those!


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