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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tea staining with Podgy

Here's my handy guide on aging papers for crafting, no need for expensive inks. Just use good old English tea.

First, find an old book, not a valuable one, they can be sold to make money for honey!!

Rip out some pages with interesting (or boring) text

Make yourself a strong cup of tea, mind your paws, the water will be hot, and the kettle very heavy!

Don't discard the teabag, dunk it into your tea, then lift straight out and onto your torn pages

Dab a random pattern over the text

Alternatively, place the page into the sink, then drip tea onto it from a teaspoon.

Hang the pages out to dry

Drink your tea, ahh, that's better, crafting really works up a thirst.

I'll be back when my pages have dried, to show you how to use them on a craft project. Now where are the biscuits to dunk in the tea?

With love from the bears 🐻

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  1. That looks really interesting. I'm not sure I could tear up a book though.


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