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Sunday, 27 October 2013


Hello there, Horace here with a quick update for you all while Wilbear is away from the desk reading through his first assignment. Remember I was trying to woo my love, Caasandra, by sending her a onesie I'd bought for her? Well I think she was impressed, as she texted me a photo.

Isn't she gorgeous? You can see why i'm bearsotted with her. Although Podgy seems to think he can bake his way to her heart. I hope not, I'd cry my furry eyes out if she transferred her affections to him.


  1. Oh Horace she is a sweetie and im sure she has eyes only for you. I can see why you couldnt 'bear' to be without her.

  2. It's a hard choice - but a onesie wins over baking. Anything that helps her to look that cute will be a sure-fire winner.

  3. Hi Bears, ive changed my blog name and platform so just updating you. Im no longer stamping lemons.


    Gill x

  4. Oh young love ! How could she not adore you for giving her the lovely onesie ! Ali xxx

  5. I say - she does look cute in that onesie... I don't think any baked goods could possibly outdo that, could they?!
    Alison xx


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