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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Blog candy

Wow, look what we received in the post today. Thank you soooo much to Danie May, who sent us this veritable stash. What a lot we got. Horace volunteered to have his picture taken with our gift? Can you see he's almost drooling over it all? He said he has ideas for some creations already. He's always wanted Gelatos so he thinks all his birthdays have come at once. Can you see the fab stencil too? You know how stencil crazy he is! As soon as we snapped this photo he charged to the desk, stencil in paw to start a new journal page! Talk about keen.

There are also stamps to play with, a lovely canvas to decorate and a beautiful journal, which Wilbear will utilise for his Creative Writing course. Hidden at the back of the bounty are some gorgeous burlap flowers, one may just make its way onto the canvas soon.

Thank you so much to Danie May, we feel very lucky to have won all this loveliness. Xxx

With love from the bears


Hello and welcome to What's on your work dump desk Wednesday. We've taken an arial shot of the desk to show you the various bits and pieces here. Over the weekend Wilbear gifted the desk back to the other bears to have a play and Horace created the spooky orange page you can see here. He was also going to create another page in the small journal with the Gorjuss stamp and had just finished colouring the image when Wilbear insisted on dumping his cra... er, important uni stuff back on the desk! Just under Wilbear's coursebooks you can see Podgy has also joined in the dumping by placing his new Christmas biscuit cutters here rather than in the baking drawer! Now all we need is Cedric and Pooh to dump their hobby equipment here and there'll be no visible desk left!

We're negotiating right now to see if we can come to a compromise. Horace gets a little antsy if he doesn't get arty and Wilbear gets the jitters if he feels he's falling behind in his coursework. Hopefully negotiations will reach a satisfactory conclusion soon as nothing is happening at The House of Bears. It's all at stalebear!

Oh, we nearly forgot, you may be scratching your furry head in wonder at the acronym, what on earth are we on about and why are we showing you a messy desk? Have a looky here for a better explanation than the bears convoluted attempt.

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Hello there, Horace here with a quick update for you all while Wilbear is away from the desk reading through his first assignment. Remember I was trying to woo my love, Caasandra, by sending her a onesie I'd bought for her? Well I think she was impressed, as she texted me a photo.

Isn't she gorgeous? You can see why i'm bearsotted with her. Although Podgy seems to think he can bake his way to her heart. I hope not, I'd cry my furry eyes out if she transferred her affections to him.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

WOYWW - shtuff

Aloha, finally I have the desk to create on. Wilbear is in the kitchen having more specialist software training so I thought I'd grab the opportunity to get my painting head on.

Remember the picture I was attempting to replicate from An Illustrated Life? Well I thought I'd get my watercolours out and paint it up. I haven't used these before and definitely need more practice with them. It's fun to get back to crafting after a brief hiatus though. I've spread a protective cover over the desk. I don't want to invoke Wilbear's wrath if I splodge paint everywhere! I've also purloined some pages from Wilbear's old prospectus, I don't think he needed it any more, if he does I'll have to staple the torn pages back in!

Oh, why on earth am I gibbering on about what's on my desk? Click your furry paw right here to find out more. Be warned though, once you blog hop it's hard to stop!

With love from the bears

Monday, 14 October 2013

WOYWW- It's pitiful

Hello, goodness, we weren't expecting another Wednesday quite so soon! We'll show you the desk for the weekly nose at WOYWW in a minute, oh, and if you wonder what we're on about, take a little walkies over to here where you'll be enlightened. So, the desk?

We've done nothing, and I mean NOTHING crafty at all. We've been suffering from aches and pains and generally feeling sorry for ourselves. Wilbear's course has left everyone exhausted as we all share our energy, and at the moment he's taking the bear's share of it. After attending his day school, reading his course book, attempting to write creatively and learning how to use his new software (growl recognition by Dragon) he's wiped us clean of energy and all we can do is lounge lethargically with blank looks on our furry faces, we don't even have the energy to unwrap a chocolate bar (and the wrappers are far too chewy to digest!!)

Anyway, that desk; Wilber's course materials are splattered over most of it, he insists they need to be left out for moments of inspawration! I (Horace) have a teensy corner where I'm attempting to parcel up a present for my love interest, Clarissa, as you may remember, she wrote me a love letter not so long ago after I made her a travel journal. I'm hoping she'll fall completely in love with me and am sending her an item of clothing to wear. Maybe when she receives it she'll send me a photo of her wearing it. Well a bear can dream. You may be able to make out that I've written her a love note, and drawn a picture of myself for her to kiss at night!

Oops, I forgot, we're supposed to keep this post short and sweet, well, we always waffle so why break with tradition! I'll let you know the outcome of my present posting soon.

Ttfn, I'm off for a desk hop.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Day School

Wilbear has written a new post about his day school experience, read about it here. He'd love some new followers if you'd like to learn all about his course.

With love from the bears

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Have you seen.....

Wilbear has his own blog for his uni writing. He's not allowed to post anything that he's planning to submit for marking but he said he'll share the occasional thoughts from his most secret Moleskine journal with you all.
Look here For his first post.
With love from the bears

With love from the bears

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

WOYWW - Wilbear's Work

Hello there, greetings from Wilbear at the desk this week. Why am I showing you my desk? For the weekly phenomenon that is WOYWW, and if you have no idea what the acronym stands for, click on the link and you soon will!
Look how dark it is in my crafty corner, this is early evening Tuesday and I'm busy with my OU course work, my first chosen module is Creative Writing and I'm about to start my first assignment. We won't be able to post tomorrow as we have a tutorial on how to use all the programmes on the lap top, hopefully my furry fried brain will take it all in.

I have all my course books at the ready to write my assignment, plus my lovely Moleskine notebook that Horace decorated for me. I've been filling it with my thoughts each night before bed.
You may notice the desk is looking a little less cluttered than usual, we had a bit of a clear up as there was no room for my books. The pens now live on one of the shelves under the desk, much to Podgy's chagrin! The cricut survived the cull, as there's no where else for it to go, and the desk will still be used for craft, it'll just be multi functional now!
With love from the bears

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

WOYWW - A Little Bit of Sketching

Hullo there. Horace here to greet you at the desk for this week's wondrous blog hop we all look forward to Wednesdays for. If you haven't yet joined in WOYWW and would like to know more about the phenomenon, then pad your furry paws over to Julia's Blog to find out more.

So, what's on the bears' workdesk this week? Well I'm trying to sketch a scene I found in a book we borrowed from the library, An Illustrated Life, which is full of fantastic artwork from sketchbooks of various artists.

I love this sketch and am going to try to recreate it. I've never tried anything like this before, in fact, as you may know, I only started sketching this summer, and then mostly only faces. It's nice to try something different, and if this ends up looking better than a cub's scribble I'll attempt some watercolours on it.

Also on the desk is my fab pencil case, which was made for me by a very dear friend a few years ago, it has six inserts for the handmade ATCs she included, I keep all my drawing supplies in here. There's not a lot else to see, as the desk had been cleared ready for Wilbear's study supplies to be installed tomorrow afternoon, but I couldn't resist the urge to do something creative. Here's my drawing so far, hmmm, lots of work to do, once I've had a little hop around the desks of fellow WOYWWers.

With love from the bears