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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Baking Inspiration

Aloha friends, it's Podgy here again today, aren't you all lucky to share my company again so soon? For any of you good peeps in the UK, have you been watching it? What do you mean, what is IT? The Great British Bake Off of course! I tune in for my weekly fix, and always feel inspired to make something straight after. This week was biscuit week, so what better than to don my chef whites and get baking?

We don't have the most recent Bake Off tie in book, yet, but we do have the first book in the series, so I pawrused that for some inspawration.

Mmmm ginger biccies, that was my first make decided. I gathered some ingredients and posed for a photo opportunity...

Then I got baking, with the help of my trusty mixer, Sir Ken-of-the-wood. He makes baking so much more simpler, and saves my poor paws from many an ache.

I considered making one giant biscuit

But conceded the other bears might lynch me if I did, so I divided the dough into measly morsels and baked (them, not me) in my very hot oven...

Keeping a beady eye on them to make sure they didn't walk off onto other bears' paws!!

Look at those yumsome perfectious biscuitynesses (yes, they are all proper words, I made them up so they must be.)

Not yet content with my most marvellous feat, I pawrused the Internet for more inspawration and found a recipe for Peanut butter cookies

These were really simple to make, and even simpler to eat.

I started with one biscuit for each paw, as any self respecting baking bear should do. Now, I'm off to find more baking inspiration.

See you soon.

With love from the bears

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  1. Yummalicious - particularly those peanut butter biscuits - I miss shows like that!


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