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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Spray Away

Well hello there dear friends, it's Podgy The Great here with you today. Horace has a virus so I jumped up and took his place at the desk. I was wondering what supplies I could play with and decided on sprays, or mists, whatever you want to call them. Anyway, as I pulled our box of sprays out, I ruminated on how expensive they are, and wondered, could I pawsibbly make my own with acrylic paint, and save us some valuable pence? The answer, of course, being Podgy The Great, was a resounding Of Course!!!!!

Now I must confess, I didn't actually have a clue exactly how to turn acrylic paint into mist, so I pawrused Youtube for a tutorial. Twenty tutorials later I decided to follow what seemed to be the most posted and popular method, acrylic paint, Mod Podgy ( my own brand of glue)

and of course, water.

Luckily we already had several empty spray bottles, including an empty Dylusions bottle, which I washed clear.

I began by filling my spray bottle with water, about 3/4s full.

I then added a smidge of paint, the tutorials I watched added such a small amount of paint and seemed to get a great colour from it.

Next was a small amount of Mod Podgy

And a violent shake to mix it all up ( with the top back on the bottle of course)

I tested my new spray, and wasn't at all impressed with the colour, to me it looked like slightly murky water, so I added a very generous squeeze of the yellow acrylic, and shook once more.

This time I was pleased with the colour the spray produced

It even dripped a little too, yay.

Feeling rather more adventurous, I pulled out some mica that we've been hoarding since 1832!

I added a generous dollop, then another generous dollop of the powder.

This time, when I shook the bottle, I made sure to only shake it from side to side, as if you shake powdery sprays up and down it tends to clog the nozzle.

I was really pleased with the colour of this, and the shimmer!

I dried the sprays by rolling kitchen towel over the page, in my own inimitable style!!

Voila, two homemade sprays. I think that once we've used up our bought sprays we'll switch to homemade only. They will work out so much cheaper, and as an extra added bonus, the homemade variety didn't stain my paws, at all.

Aren't I brilliant? :)

If you want to make your own sprays, I'd suggest playing about with measurements to make a spray that's pleasing to you. Just add small amounts of paint or mica until you achieve the desired effect.

With love from the bears


  1. Well done Podgy! I have made some sprays myself, but never have used that recipe, but might be giving it a try.....thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Bears!!! It's so wonderful to have you back... so sorry I haven't dropped in before now, but things are a bit bonkers at the moment, and Craftyblogland keeps slipping in and out of focus for me. Lovely to see these homemade sprays in action - and no better background than some lovely book text of course! Back soon I hope, to do some more catching up.
    Alison xx

  3. Great exbearimentations, Horace - you are briliant, of course. Fabulous tutorial, too. :D


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