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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Baby it's (not) Cold in There

Hello there everyone, isn't December zooming by? Do you have your decorations up yet? We put our tree up on December the first.

For some reason, our tree always looks blue on photos. There is nothing blue on it at all! How odd, it's a green tree with fake snow ( of course, even in The House of Bears, it doesn't snow indoors. The decorations are all gold or brown and the lights are all white.

It was a mixed day for us, lovely and relaxing whilst decorating, then rather stressful when I went to the fridge for a small snack, only to find it was warm inside, and everything in the freezer was either partially or completely defrosted. Not knowing how long it had been faulty for, we couldn't take the chance on using anything, and had to chuck away about a months worth of food, including all the Christmas party food, I could have cried.

Looking on the bright side though, on checking the guarantee, we found it ran out the very next day. I was on the phone right away to report the fault. Unfortunately, an engineer can't come out until next Tuesday, so we are fridge and freezer-less until then. That's of course, if it's an easy fix.

I didn't realise just how much stuff goes in the fridge, from spreads and cheeses, cold meats and drinks, to the opened jars and all the little bits you pop in there, just to be on the safe side.

I hated throwing out so much food, it really goes against my belief that we should try not to waste anything, and having a completely empty fridge and freezer is very alien to us. We usually stock anything that can be stockpiled 'just in case'.

The irony is, we had just made a large donation to the local foodbank, the second that week, we'd donated lots of tinned goods and pasta etc! Isn't that typical?

We are very lucky though, we have been able to afford to shop daily, and of course, having the fridge freezer one day from guarantee was unbelievably lucky. One day later and we would have been worried about how to afford to either fix or replace it. We can't wait to have it up and running again though. Hopefully in time for Christmas.

With love from the bears

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