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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Horace Creates a Scary Page

Well hello there. Have you seen the fabulous new challenge blog, Musically Challenged ? What a great concept to take inspiration from music videos and create an arty interpretation.
This fortnight the chosen video is Along Came a Spider, by Alice Cooper. I thought that watching the video in my cowboy suit was not in keeping with the theme, so I searched through the clothes drawer for something more suitable...

Ah ha, my biker jacket! How's that?

It even has frayed sleeves! Goodness, It made me feel all edgy and alternative.

After watching the video I chose some stamps based on what I'd seen.

The video is long, but well worth watching, as the end ties back to the start. What I saw in the video was lots of black and white, the walls of the padded cell are littered with graffitti, which is mostly black and white, and eyes and circles feature prominently.

Bearing that in mind I decided to use our 7 Gypsies tissue paper as a graffiti background.

Podgy lent me his special glue to adhere the tissue paper.

I then went a bit mad, and blobbed Black ink randomly over my pages. Oops. Too much, so out came the Gesso.

I glooped this over the ink.

Closed the two pages together, and to squidge the Gesso in.... I sat on them. It's the best way!

Oooh texture.

For those who ask 'wow bears, how do you keep your paws so clean?'We don't always.

Using the theme of black and white, and death that runs through the videos, I began to create.

I decided the Stampotique Jeepers stamp looked an awful lot like Alice Cooper - it's those eyes. Of course, the Jeepers stamp has no body, no problem though, I stamped and cut a Tim Holtz skeleton stamp for her body. In the video there is a short clip of a skeleton picture on the hospital wall. So this ties in nicely to the video and our theme.

To add to the background I mixed Grunge Paste, black acrylic paint and a little puff paint. I mixed it all together using Wilbear's credit card, well he never uses it!

I dipped bottle tops in the painty mixture and randomly stamped them over the page, also adding some stamped eyes, to recreate the graffiti on the walls of the cell.

I added some India ink, making the eyes look like they were bleeding black tears. This was dried with my heat gun (the pink really doesn't fit in with my project does it?)

Next I stamped some miniature letters directly onto an old telephone directory, I wanted the words to look confused, to depict the state of mind of the protagonist in the video.

Oops, spot the mistake

Wilbear cut some gutter guard into a heart shape for me, I adhered this with my glue gun, then added the words over the top.

Voila. Une finishio pagio.

The idea was to make the background as confused as the mind of the protagonist in the video. I hope I managed to convey this.

A close up of my scary image.

Can I take my jacket off now? I'm beginning to scare myself?
With love from the bears


  1. Well aren't you ROCKING that look Mr Horace Sir?! This project is fabulous - love love love it- Tis very 'me'!! I love all the elements you've pulled together to represent the video. Inspired! Off to listen to a bit of Rammstein now - I've got me rock chick on !! ;)

  2. Wonderful and the image sure does look like Alice Cooper.

    Love your biker jacket-I had one just the same way back when-well mine was heaps bigger :(

    Love Chrissie x

  3. That is a very scary page. You puts lots of stuff into it and Alice would be proud!

  4. brilliant as ever Horace and i love that skeleton stamp.

  5. Another fab page.
    Love the descriptios of how you've done the page Horace

  6. my word you bears are so clever and you have used so many different techniques here and used so many products and then you took it to the dark side. Two stunning pages

  7. You're very artistic, Horace. Such great pages and you didn't get too messy.

  8. This may the best page yet, Horace, from any of you... I'm blown away by the details - those letters on the phone book arranged on the heart; the fantastic Stampotique skeleton creation; the bitter black tears flowing from the eyes - and all in dramatic b&w - brilliantly effective. A real triumph!
    Alison x

  9. Well edgy and alternative it definitely is! Very dramatic & moody! Great stuff! Ali xx

  10. EXCELLENT... putting on the jackets really helped didn't it ? !! This page soooooo rocks !! Fantastic :-D
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. I love it! all the textures and the black and white...and the skelly body...so awesome! and I totally love the jacket! thanks for joining this week ;)

  12. Brilliant work, Horace! Awesome make!


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