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Monday, 17 June 2013

Just Like a Pill

Aloha dear friends, it's Pooh here today to show you my entry for a fab new challenge we found over at Musically Challenged. What a great concept eh? Draw inspawration from their chosen music video. Well this is just our thing.

After watching the video, and having a little bop along, I began creating my page. I noted that the video used a lot of black, and that, along with the name of the artist -Pink- formed the basis of my inspiration. I also wanted to use texture, as the video strikes me as really in your face, and this was a good way to interpret that into a page.

I started with some texture paste, which I scraped through our brick mask.

Once this was dry, I selected some paint from our drawer of plenty

The pink I chose was rather more vibrant than I had thought before applying

No worries though, as once I'd blobbed a little onto the page and watered it down, plus taking off some excess paint with the trusty kitchen roll,

a more rustic look began to develop, ah, much better.

Now I needed some black, but all i could find was a cheapo tube of runny gloop purchased for using on the Gelli plate. Hmm, ooh, my furry brain had an idea - add some texture paste to thicken it and add oomph.

Along with another stencil, which I decided looked like a popped pill packet, I added the black texturised paint.

Then I went a little crazy, and scraped the excess texture in a haphazard fashion over my pink bricks,and around the edges of the pages- after all, the song lyrics depict a haphazard life to me, so this page could not be created in a uniform and neat fashion.

I printed out the song lyrics that jumped out at me

And began adhering everything, utilising an old pill packet and the information sheet enclosed with a prescription to further illustrate my theme. Ooh, I also used a magazine cut out of a woman looking suitably alone and in need of help

I left everything to dry, and lay down on the bed for a much needed snooze......zzzzzz

Ugh? Sorry, my page, here it is.

And without my snout...

Close up left hand side

and the right hand side

I wish you could reach your paw through and feel all the texture.

I loved this challenge, why don't you have a go at it? Also, if you do like challenges, why not take a look at the bears very own literary based challenge, details for this month are right


With love from the bears


  1. How FABULOUS - this is a fantastic journal piece and I am so glad you found Musically Challenged too :-D
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. oh wow Poo that is so awesome! I love your take on the challenge! the pink is so bright and I'm sure this page feels amazing! thank you so much for joining us at musically challenged!

  3. Love taking songs and music as the inspiration, so this does sound like a great challenge - thanks for the tip... and what a fabulous page spread. The lyrics are great, can see why they got to you, and all the texture is just amazing!
    Alison x

  4. Brilliant page both in colour content. Off to have alook at the challenge as it sounds my sort of thing

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. I love your eye-popping pink take on the challenge. Hope your didn't get too much paint on your fur!


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