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Friday, 21 February 2014

More junk

Well hola again, it's Cedric here at the desk again. Wilbear is in the kitchen drinking his own weight in latte and cappuccino (and believe me, this is no mean feat, at last weight in he was 2 elephants and a small giraffe) so I thought I'd repurpose some of the coffee sachet boxes as he empties them.

For some rather mad and unexplained reason, I brayered (does that word make you think of politicians laughing?) over the insides of the boxes

then papered both sides with scraps of 6 x 6 patterned paper, in a collage style. I guess you could call this junk/ de stashing journal making.

Here are the inside covers of the smallest journal

And the inside covers of the larger journal.

Not forgetting the outside covers of the large journal, this is going to be a travel journal for a friend. Her birthday is coming up and she's planning a holiday later in the year. I thought she might like a handbag sized book to take with her, to jot all her notes in.

For the inner pages, I started to work my way through the 12 x 12 card mountain that we've aquired. I cut it to just a tiny bit smaller than the covers in order to achieve a neat finish.

I think these may be a little chunky, but I can always omit pages as I bind the journal. I'll use our very handy Cinch tool for that.

That's on my to do list for tomorrow, in the meantime, here's a peek at all our finished and half finished journals, made as birthday or other occasions presents. Some have decorated pages within, but most are left blank for the recipient to decorate as they see fit. Sorry about the dark picture, it looks like we can't afford electric! It's all those coffee sachets Wilbear keeps buying!

With love from the bears


  1. These are wonderful - what a brilliant idea. I love how youi 'up-cycle' things and these journals are FAB xoxoxox

  2. Great work as always mrs! The cinch is a great tool isn't it? I'm sure your friend will love to receive the gift of one of your lovely journals. X

  3. I have the image of a set of old fashioned weighing scales with proud Wilbear on one side and two worried elephants and a bemused giraffe stacked on the other :)


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