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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Operation de stash

Hullo there. It's Horace with you today with what I hope will be the start of a mammoth task of actually using some of the stash we've acumulated. We've managed to make a huge dent in the 6 x 6 patterned papers and used the junk we saved to make journals and mini books but now we really need to use the 12 x 12 papers and card, not to mention the embellishments! Despite having several sort outs every now and then, and donating stash to charity and having giveaways, our stash would still last us several bear years and beyond.

We have cardstock

Patterned papers in all shapes and sizes

Goody bags chock full of loveliness

And embellishments and random oddments.

That's not even all of it, although that is all of the paper and card we possess ( apart from the watercolour paper hidden in the wardrobe, and the A4 card and paper in the cupboard!!!!)

Hennyway, we decided to give up stash buying for lent, whilst challenging ourselves to use some of what we have during that period. Now giving up alone is of course beary boring and may lead us to cheat, so we enlisted the cub as she has enough patterned paper to decorate several hundred dens and more! Although the idea is to use the period of lent as our challenge, we thought we might as well start now.

Today I decided to make some cards for charity out of our veritable piles. First I found some random envelopes that were looking a little lonely

Then cut some 12 x 12 card to size.

I managed to cut three cards from one piece of 12 x 12 card stock. These will fit in the smaller envelopes.

Next I sorted through the patterned paper box. I wanted to concentrate on using any scraps, rather than cut into more unused sheets of paper.

And here are the (17) quick and simple cards I made. Most used only the papers and a simple embellishment or sticker for decoration.

Once I'd made my cards, I was left with more card and paper scraps.

Not to be wasteful, I glued these into the big Dylusions journal as the start of a background. I'm not sure what I'll do with this yet, but it'll be fun playing.

I need a siesta first though

With love from the bears


  1. Oh Horace I SO empathise with the stash - well stashed- in every available space - I really admire your Lent pledge to use it up ! Go Bears Go !! Ali xx

  2. Wow - I'm not surprised you need a siesta - 17 fab cards, the start of a very cool journal page and all that stash-busting... What a good idea to give up stash-buying for Lent - I'm minded to join you, but I think we may need a support group!
    Alison xx

  3. Such a brilliant idea... I must admit I am a bit of a stash hoarder. :-( Your cards are wonderful :-D xx

  4. Much admiration for your lent pledge.
    I find that when I use scraps, however many scraps I use, I still end up with the same amount of scraps... It just doesn't make sense! It is so hard to make a real dent in a scrap pile.


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