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Monday, 3 February 2014

Ditto, ditto!

Hullo there. I guess we've all heard of Smash books? Well Horace has been debating whether to buy one for a while and while pawrusing sites that sell such goodness he came across this;

It's called Hampton Art Ditto and is a Smash type/ project life concept. You pawchase an empty ring bound chipboard album and add to it. There are pre made inserts in the Ditto range and Horace bought himself an 8.5 by 11 insert pack to get started. It has pockets, library inserts and journal and calendar pages.

He started to fill the album from the pack but then had a brainwave. Why not cut up scraps of 12 x 12 card and patterned paper and just add your own inserts

He punched holes in the cards and papers with his ebear purchase of a Cinch and even added some junk for a really unique journal.

Here's one of the sticker sheets from the insert pack, some of it is perfectly useable, some may not be utilised, but for £14.99 it's given a great start to the album.

This is the calendar page, with space at the bottom of the page to write impawtant engagements. The back of this sheet is lined so you could add journalling of a special event, or even add photos.

Horace was a bit bored of traditional 12 x 12 scrapbooking, and thought they took up a lot of storage space in the bear bungalow. Also, he wanted to try Smash books but didn't like a lot of the spiral bound, ready patterned papers. This neat folder can be filled with Smash type pages, more detailed, journalled pages, art journal pages and quick project life style pages, all in one book. He was so enthusiastic about this new idea that he quickly threw together a page whilst waiting for his toast to pop up from the toaster.

With love from the bears


  1. WoW - that was a fabulous pawchase - it looks brilliant. I have never tried anything like that. Is that a picture of your house ???
    I am sure that you will have great fun putting pages into your book and I shall look forward to seeing what you do with this :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. We wish that was our house. It's our favourite eatery, The Four Horseshoes, a lovely country pub with olde worlde charm, and lovely food.

  2. I love customising things to suit your own needs - and think you've hit upon the very thing! Enjoy it all. xxx

  3. i hadnt heard of them before they do look good. I have several Smash books which i love, in fact i dread going to Hobbycraft because a new one always follows me home. That looks great for using junk papers too. thanks for sharing.
    Gill x

  4. What a great Smash style book... and I love that you've customised with your own papers and pages and inserts - brilliant! Look forward to seeing it fill up...
    Alison xx

  5. Looks like you are going to have great fun with your new journal !! Ali xx

  6. What a great money saving idea to make your own pages!


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