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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Sew Sew

Hello there dear friends. It's Horace here yet again with another sewing project to show you. You know when you first start to sew, and you buy every single scrap of fabric you see, just because it's pretty, and you're sure you can find some use for it? Well, that was me when I first got my sewing machine. I didn't even have any idea if I could actually make anything, never mind an idea of what to make. At cub school, I had been bottom of the class at anything arty, and my sewing skills were certainly lacking. I couldn't follow a pattern for the life of me, and following written instructions left me scratching my furry head in confusion. I am a visual learner, so I turned to Youtube in the hunt for easy to follow tutorials that did not have 55 million stages for one simple make.

I found so many great tutorials, including several for making zipped bags ( or purses, as they insist on calling them in America). As you only need some squares of fabric and some wadding, I thought this would be a great project for my veritable stash of fabric

I didn't have any matching pieces of fabric, so went for contrasting colours for the outside of my bag.

I adhered my fabric to the wadding with temporary sticky spray.

I then cut around the wadding,

I find when I try to sew in a zip with my zipper foot, the fabric starts travelling to the left of the machine as I sew. Is it just me? Does my fabric try to escape my furry clutches? Anyway, eventually I managed to sew the zipper to both the outer and inner fabric.

I decided to add some stitching to the outer fabric, for a more quilted look,
Don't look too closely, or you may see my wonky workmanship!

It gets worse, oh well. These are only for my use. I don't think my quilty stitch is suitable for present making just yet.

The bags will come in handy for various bear needs; a small smackeral perhaps, or some arty bits and pieces, or both?

With love from the bears


  1. Well done, Horace. Your sewing skills are brilliant. I have not tackled a zip yet. However, the next project on my online sewing course (with Craftsy) is a skirt - which I will be starting next month when I can concentrate on it. Merry Christmas to you all. Ali x

  2. I love your woolly hat, Horace... is it chilly round your way too? I tend to sit with a hot water bottle behind my back - lovely and warming - and I've plenty of hair to keep my ears warm!!

    Lovely little zip bags - I remain in awe of your needlework skills. How do you train sewing machines?!
    Alison xx

  3. I just bought a sewing machine and I still don't really know what to make. This is an idea. Well done on yours. I love that purple one.

  4. These are wonderful - such a clever idea. Keep up the good work. I think they would make fabulous prezzies just as they are :-D

    IKE xxxx


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