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Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Beacon of Light

Hello again from Horace. I thought I'd show you my finished page from the Lifebook Beacon of Light class. I was so impressed with the class, Tam takes you through the stages of first sketching, then painting the whimsy girl, and she's so encouraging too, her enthusiasm and positivity rub off and when she declares she 'loves' her work it gives you 'permission' to love your own. Normally when I create I look for what's wrong in my work, this time I looked for the positives. I still found myself looking at the eyes and seeing they weren't equal but I then found myself thinking 'it's good enough'. I have np idea about shading, but I just copied Tam. Is my picture perfect? No, but you know what, I've decided not to care. One and a half years ago I could not draw at all, so I shall be happy with the progress I've made and look forward to learning more, or just having fun, or both.

On a silly note, the male human here received a fish eye lens for Christmas and I asked him to snap a picture of me

Don't I look odd? My ears have disappeared!!!

I'll be back soon with my week 2 Lifebook makes and other waffle. TTFN.

With love from Horace


  1. Fantastic work Horace! In nature, nobody's face is perfectly symmetrical, so your painting is perfect. I wouldn't have even noticed, but you drew my attention to it.

    Good for you for thinking positive about your work. It is the only way to grow and become better...................you have already proven that......grin.

    Interesting picture of you........with no ears..........rather like that "slicked" back style....................grin

  2. Love the pic Horace and adore your beacon. I'm so enjoying this journey with you xx

  3. Fabulous work Horace, and I wouldn't have noticed the uneven eyes either. You have made tons of progress since you started drawing xx

  4. Hi Horace - yes you do look fun in your fisheye - but still cute as ever !!
    Love your Journal page - so bright and cheerful as I watch to snow falling outside tonight ! Great fun & great drawing skills too ! Ali xx


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