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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lifebook lifebear

Hello friends. It's Horace here with you today. I haven't posted since last year (!!!) so thought it was time to come and chat. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of fun, friends and family, and of course a little bit of feasting. Ours was very quiet but lovely nonetheless.

I was very lucky to receive some wonderful presents

Especially of the sweet variety, this is from Clarissa, my love interest. I think she must be keen, don't you?

Dinner was delicious

We played Rummikub in the afternoon

And Podgy made some shortbread for afternoon tea.

I was lucky enough to get Lifebook for Christmas. For those of you who don't know, this is a year long art course, the idea being that YOUR art is good enough, that YOU are good enough. There are a zillion different teachers and a lesson every single week.

Participants can either follow the course to the letter, using art to heal, following a meditation to get started etc, or just use the art class as a guide, to make 'lovely art'. The great thing is, the classes are not at all prescriptive, and it really is up to the individual how they interpret the lessons.

I couldn't wait to get started so on 1st I created my warm up page. This is where you have fun getting messy, and also choose your 'word' for the year. Because of being unwell, and finding it hard to accept the limits of the illness, I thought I would choose the word 'enough' as in ' let whatever you do today be enough', but, as I started creating my page, The word ' accept' was floating around my furry brain. Of course, you can choose more than one word, but I decided 'accept' was perfect as my main focus.

Her's my page in splatted form, before I added my word

And here finished. The mini envelope contains my intentions for the year, not resolutions, which are easy to 'fail' at, just ideas of how I'd like to live the year, IE, relax more.

I used my lovely new Dylusions stamps for my word. I didn't want to write on my first piece as often I dislike my paw writing, although that's something I'll work on this year.

I'm now one third of the way through the main lesson for this week, creating a whimsy creature.

Only one week in and already I'm really loving this course.


With love from Horace.


  1. How very cool - what a fantastic present. I will be very interested to see your progress with this course. :-D
    Amazing first page and that sweet little face is adorable :-D
    IKE in Greece xxxx

  2. So excited to see how you get on. That whimsy face is stunning!!

  3. Love your warm up page. I've done about the same amount of the first lesson. Doing this together will be fun x

  4. Seems like your word chose itself! I shall look forward too seeing what you create x

  5. Love your warm-up page, and the whimsy creature already looks fantastic - lovely work! Who won the Rummikub? The rest of my family are very keen, but I'd rather hibernate in the craft room personally.

    Oh, and from Clarissa's gift, I'd say you're in there!

    Happy New Year to you all.
    Alison xx

  6. Ooh I love Rummikub. Play on line every day. May I come and play with you Bears?


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