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Thursday, 5 February 2015

It's Never a Good Idea

Hello, it's me, Horace here again to show you my completed page from this week's WOYWW post. I was in the middle of finishing my page, which was in response to too much over sharing of personal lives on social media. I came to the conclusion that it's never a good idea to air your dirty laundry in public, and as I thought this furry thought, a vision of dirt stained laundry flapping on a washing line rippled through my brain. I just had to get my journal out and create.

My laundry was drawn, coloured and cut and my washing poles drawn in, and a simple sky and grass background added. I glued the tops of the laundry over the string washing line and left the bottoms of the clothing free, as if the washing was flapping in the breeze. I halved my mini pegs so my journal still had half a chance of closing. I added a sentiment with marker pens and hey presto, my thoughts are recorded.

See you soon.

With love from Horace.


  1. FABULOUS and how true this is. !!! It always amazes me what people will publish (and then they bleat about everyone knowing their business LoL) !!! It's like - Doh ! Hellooooo ?!!!!

    Great page and lovely laundry :-D

    IKE xxxx

  2. Hullo ther Horace, thanks for popping over earlier in the week,oh, and i so agree with airing your dirty linen in public I avoid it like the plague... And wonder why others don't.
    Beaut bright colours in your wee clothes on the line, happy WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x 2


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