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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

WOYWW - Dirty Laundry

Hello dear friends and welcome once again to another WOYWW , the first in February. If you're wondering what that strange acronym can mean then click on the link and be transported into a world of blog hopping and desk noseyness, hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground.

So what am I doing this week? Abandoning the desk in the bedroom for a start. As the weather grew colder, so did the north facing bedroom. This, coupled with the lack of light in the room lead me to set up my emergency craft station in the lovely warm south facing living room.

After seeing various over sharing posts on many social media posts, an idea for a journal page crept into my furry mind. I'm of the (maybe old fashioned ) opinion that dirty laundry should not be aired in public, no matter what the provocation. I felt strongly enough to have a little visual rant in my Dylusions journal.

I drew some clothes, coloured them then added smidges of 'dirt' with my Albrecht Duhrer watercolour pencils. I cut the items of clothing out and added them to my 'washing line' .

I found some cute mini pegs in The Range, perfect for my page, so I spent this week's pocket money on a pack.

My washing line was some string from an Art from the Heart purchase.

I made holes in my washing poles to feed the string washing line through. It'll add some texture to the other side of the page when I come to journal on it.

Now I just need to add the pegs to my washing to complete my page. I think I'll have a little blog hop before finishing though.

With love from Horace.


  1. Hello little bitty Bears - great idea for a page. I totally agree with that statement :-) I got a couple of those teeny closepegs and I always wonder what on earth I will use them for !!! At the moment I have used them as clamps for small embellies whilst they stick LoL
    Have a fabbo day.

    IKE xx

  2. Hi Horace, I am entirely with you about airing dirty laundry in public! Time and a place for everything, and FB is neither! I also hate the amount of baby/toddler pics shared- people just don't seem to realise how far around the world these images can go. Journal was well inspired, looks fab. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #16 xx

  3. Your laundry pages are absolutely adorable, Horace--and oh yes, I completely understand your emergency crafting space. It happens here fairly often . . . :)

    #67 this week with the
    finished chair & a chalkboard

  4. So cute! :D Have a great week & God bless!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #9

  5. Love it. I bought some of those pegs from The Range - have an idea in mind for them :-) Anne x #40

  6. That looks like a fun page! I've dome something very similar myself with those pegs. Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #34

  7. That is so clever and fun. I love it. What a funny bear you are.
    Have a great week,
    Von #42

  8. Hello Horace and friend....thanks for visiting my desk and happy WOYWW. Your dirty washing, page is fabulous, very clever. Cheers and enjoy your week, keep warm RobynO#20

  9. Clever journal page, Horace - and I don't blame you for moving into the living room! Have a great week. Helen 8

  10. What a clever page and a brilliant sentiment... Always having to remind my nieces about this!

    Thanks for sharing!
    catiecuddles aka Catherine

  11. What a smart and clever bear you are! I totally agree: I don't like dirty laundry in public places too. Have a nice week Horace bear!

  12. Hahahaaa! Love that page and so very, very true!

    Carmen x #53

  13. Love it! Well done, Horace, I couldn't agree more! Love, Chris # 11


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