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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hot off the Desk

Hello from Horace again. Last year I joined Lifebook 2015, a year long art course hosted by the very talented Tamara Laporte. Although initially I enjoyed the lessons and kept up quite well, halfway through the year medical problems forced me to stop all creativity and I stopped almost all art. This year I ummed and Ahhhed about joining again but as I now have the super new creation station and am taking it easy health-wise I thought I needed some inspiration to get me back into art. So Lifebook 2016 it was.

So far, despite joining later ( registration is open all year but I was about 2 weeks later than the start date of 1st January) I have already completed 3 classes. All by Tamara. She also invites other artists to teach lessons and show us different techniques.

Lesson 1 is always a gentle warm up to ease us in and Tam takes her time to show us all of the lesson, never rushing through or presuming that everyone is to a certain standard in their art. I started with my blank, brand shiny new book

And dove straight on in with collage papers, neocolor2 watercolour crayons and white gesso, to form a lovely colourful arty mess.

I added some stencilling with acrylic paint

Loosely following Tam's example as I went along.

I chose a word for the year - self. Not exactly as in selfish but more as in learn to take care of myself, love and accept myself and put my health first.

I'm quite happy with my finished first page. In fact, so happy that the very next day I started on lesson 2, but that can wait for another blog post.

By the way, do you like my desk cover?

See you soon.

Love from Horace


  1. How marvelous and that is a super page :-) I have heard of this lessons but never had the nerve to try it myself. !
    Wonderful angry birds cover :-D
    Lovely to see you today Horace :-D

    IKE xx

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  2. So wonderful to see your names bob up over at mine, Horace (and all of you bears, of course) - it's lovely to see you back. I'm sorry to hear last year took its toll health-wise, but it's good to know that you're ready to play again and with a whole new creation station.

    The page is great, and I think the words are so important - make sure you pay heed.
    Alison xx

  3. Hello Bears! How nice to see you again :-)

    I love the colours of the page you made Horace.

    See you again soon

  4. Love what you have created, looks a fun course - glad its inspired you to get back into art.
    The desk cover is fun too :)
    Have a great weekend........ Gill x


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