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Thursday, 7 January 2016

We All Need a Blog Resurection

Hello there dear friends. My goodness. It's almost a year since I used the blog. It's probably also almost a year since I decided the desk didn't look right in the bedroom, so I dumped it! It was a very cheap, MDF type of desk, not that I have anything against MDF but this was very poorly made and it showed. Anyway. I was ruminating over my lack of creativity since the desk's demise. Now if I want to get arty I need all the art supplies taken into to the kitchen, which really doesn't work. Half the time I find I need other supplies and it seems I've only just begun creating when it's lunch or dinner time and I have to pack everything away to make room for food.

I browsed several websites for desks and eventually found a lovely chunky style desk in Littlewoods

It's rather smart looking isn't it? It also has good reviews and will go in with the other bedroom furniture too. I went ahead and ordered it. Then we measured the available space for it. Ooops, it was 5 inches too long for the space!!! So now I need a 5 inch extension on the bedroom before the 15th January, when the desk is due to arrive. The male human seems to think that with some wriggling, we can manage to fit everything in, but there's a small set of drawers that can be sacrificed if not. I need to learn to measure then order, not assume then panic!

I'm so excited to be having a creative space again that I can hardly sit still. I thought I'd pass the time by eating the rest of Santa, who was one of my many delicious Christmas presents.

He was delicious, as was one of the mince pies our friends gave us when we went there for a takeaway dinner last week.

I shall be back to crafting soon so watch this space. -> <----

Love from Horace


  1. YaY !!! There you are :-D It is so great to have you back again... I must admit I have been a bit worried last year with you not around and no response to my messages but it's great to know all is ok and you will soon be back creating with us :-D
    I know what you mean about the desk measurement...... how about bash a hole in the wall to fit in there ??? hahahaha
    Mega hugz Horace :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxx

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  2. Hi Bears - so happy to see you back blogging - I have missed your beary ruminations on life !
    Very excited that you are going to be getting your paws dirty again with your art !
    Please keep blogging ! Love Ali xx

  3. I know I've been going in the wrong order, but let me put an officially warm welcome back in the right place now... lovely to have you back in Craftyblogland, and looking forward to lots of bear action in 2016!
    Alison xx

  4. So pleased to see you back blogging - have missed you.
    Gill x


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