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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Yippee, here it's not Wednesday, it's Wedeskday. The desk arrived flat packed early this morning and after an extra snoozelet I set to assembling it. The instructions are complex for a bear with a furry brain.

But with the help of my trusty electric super tool

I think I managed to make a good job of it. I finished the drawers in super speedy time

Then it was onto building the desk itself

Phew, it was making my fur hot to screw all these bits into place

But I was soon done, and thought I'd take a selfie on it

It fits just nicely into the space, in fact, I think it was made for it.

Can you spot my paw in the picture?

I may even create something on my lovely desk soon. Or I may just admire it a little longer.

Love from Horace


  1. Oh - super coooool !!! IT FITS :-D Marvelous job of putting it together Horace and I love your little outfit :-D

    Mega Hugz

    IKE xx

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  2. Brilliant DIY Horace! It's looking all ready for some inky painty creativity! Time to get your paws dirty! Ali x

  3. Very impressed with your furniture-building skills, Horace - seems you can turn your paws to pretty much anything when you the need arises. I'm thinking it's probably not looking quite so pristine any longer... I've seen that you've been busy creating already!
    Alison xx

  4. Great desk and nice job assembling it too!
    Have fun christening it!
    Gill x


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