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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bear mail

Well hello there, Podgy here to show you my our bear mail

To the left is a postcard from our new girlfriend, Cassandra, isn't she cute? Unfortunately she didn't send the chocolate bars along with the postcard though! To the right is a fab card made by our new friend Ted, who owns Gobby Frogget, the winner of our blog candy, how kind of him to instruct her to make us this card.

We do love our bear mail, it cheers our day.

Oh, have you joined our challenge? You have until May to join in, so plenty of time to get creative. Look Here for more details.

With love from the bears.


  1. Hi Podgy, Ted here - so glad you got my card. I'm writing this as Gibby not happy you called her 'Gobby' but I haven't had such a good laugh for ages, in fact now Tommy, Ernest and all the others are teasing her and I rather think the name has stuck...she's threatening to lock up the drinks cabinet - but there's no key.. ha ha and besides 'we' have a secret stash.. love to all the bears....Ted xxx p.s Cassandra looks adorable.

  2. Woot wooh. A girlfriend for the bears!
    Hope you are good to her. She looks like a lovely bear.

  3. Oh my, Podgy REALLY needs to spell check! *blush*. In his defence, he blames his fat paws. Sorry GIbby. How em'bear'assing.

  4. Podgy, you naughty bear! This has me crying with laughter, poor Gibby!

  5. Oh dear... Gibby must be furious... watch out Podgy or the mail might not be so lovely next time! Cassandra looks sweet - is she a crafting bear genius too?
    Alison x

  6. Bad Podgy! Tee hee - that's made me laugh!


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