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Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Frugal bears guide to pawmade Gelli plate stamps

Hello there, Horace here again, still in a bit of a Gelli phase at the moment. I watched a Youtube video on making your own foam stamps for the Gelli plate, and thought 'I can do that'. So I did.

I didn't have the same products as in the Youtube video, so impawvised. I found some Cut n dry foam and cut it into smaller squares.

I added some double sided tape to the black, more rigid side of the foam.

I then got busy with my pokey thingy

Making holey foam

I used both the holey strip, and the holes themselves, and pressed them into my sticky substrate.

Next, I blobbed some red and white acrylic paint onto my Gelli plate and brayered away.

Once my paint was evenly distributed, I pressed my newly made stamp into the plate.

I then pressed a plain sheet of card onto the Gelli plate.

Oh! My print didn't show. I think I was a little too gentle with the pressing of the stamp phase.

I added more paint to the plate and tried again, this time pressing a little more insistantly. Ah, that's better, my stamp, plus my pen squiggles show through this time.

I pressed the first print back onto the remaining paint on the plate, and this time made a much better impression.

Voila. Ooh I do like this Gelli plate. Unique prints and endless possibilities, what fun.

With love from the bears.


  1. Great work, Horace.
    Wonderful paw by paw instructions.

  2. You are doing great work with the Gelli plate... and it's another great photo how-to, thank you!
    Alison x

  3. You're very clever, Horace and I love how you created your own stamp. Love the results of your gelli plating!

  4. Well done on your UKS mention bears! Seems like the gelli plate has really sparked your creativity - have lots of fun!


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