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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Oops - candy winner

We're so sorry, Wilbear has had such an exciting day, he forgot to organise the blog candy draw until just now. No photos as everyone apart from me (Horace) and Wilbear are asleep, but we did manage to prise Pooh's furry hat from his even furrier head and add all the Podgy participants to it.

Wilbear had the honour of picking a slip of paper, he had a good rummage and out popped Scoobiesue, or at least, her name did, to have an actual person pop out would have been beyond even the bears's special skills!

Well done Scoobiesue. Send us an email with your details and we will post your stamps to you.

Well done to everyone who added a Podgy comment, and thank you for making it fun and playing along with our madness once again!

With love from the bears

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