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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WOYWW - a mishmash

Well hello there, goodness, we're almost halfway through September already. Wilbear is excited as at last his OU study materials have arrived. That forms the basis of our WOYWW show and tell this week. Wilbear is hogging the desk while he peruses the course books for his Creative Writing module, he's signed up for a humanities degree at OU as he was too unwell to continue with his course at the local uni. As you see, he's pushed all our crafty intentions to one side. Horace was about to make a couple of greetings cards, who knows when he will next manage to commandeer the desk again to carry on.

Horace was trying to utilise some of the stamps we have for his cards, as you can see, he didn't get very far before being shoved unceremoniously off the chair! Somewhere underneath that messy craft pile is a new magazine, Let's Get Stamping, we found it at a bargain half price online, and it seemed rude not to buy it, especially as it came with our favourites - freebies!!

Now isn't actually on the workdesk, but was on the kitchen worktop on Friday, Wilbear must have been distracted by his imminent return to study- he thought he had ordered 5 carrots when he was shopping online.....

One other thing, we received happy mail from our dear blog friend, AJ

A postcard, just for us, from her holidays! Isn't that fabulous? Thank you AJ, this really brightened a dull day for us.

With love from the bears


  1. Re your 5 bags of carrots I once mistakenly ordered 6 kilos of bananas instead of 6 individual!

  2. So the bears will be searching for carrot recipes this week?!
    Happy Wednesday

  3. Happy mail is lovely, how thoughtful of AJ! And so is carrot soup, and I kind of see that in your future! Made the same mistake myself, with much less useable items!! Hope WB enjoys the creative writing course.

  4. Oooh, I know a couple of guinea pigs who could help to use up those carrots, shame they live so far away. Wilbear might take over your blog with all his creative writingness, so keep an eye on him.
    Have a great week.
    Von #34

  5. Ah well - carrots are good for the vision aren't they hahahaha !!!
    Wonderful to hear that Wilbear is going to get all studious on us - good luck with that and how FAB to receive a postcard :-D YaY !!

    Mega Hugz
    Happy WOYWW 223

    IKE in Greece #91 xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Carrot soup for lunch then! Good luck with the new course.
    Famfa 14

  7. Carrot soup? I hear that's not at all good for bears - carrot CAKE - now that's more like it!

    Good luck to Wilbear with his OU course - he is looking very studious, but I hope the rest of you bears can get some crafting in too.

    Thanks for your visit today and your supportive comments - I've ditched the DS in favour of Dylusions - much happier bunny now! MMx #76

  8. I guess you Bears will be having lots of carrott muffins/ or carrot juice this week! Hope Wlbear's gets a fun course and Horace has fun stamping. I spot Winnie (and with my name I love him!). Enjoy the week bears! Winnie#79

  9. Oh yes carrot cake sounds like a yummy great idea, extra carrots may have been a happy accident after all. Good luck with the OU curse - oops I mean course, of course.
    Happy WOYWW Gill x #96

  10. I was going to mention carrot soup!!!! Mmmmmm now what else can you do with carrots......you could carve them and stamp with them!!! You need to make the same mistake with crafting goodies !!!! Thank you so much for popping by. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 65

  11. Ooh dear, carrots, carrots everywhere! Recipe for carrot cake anyone? Good luck with your OU course!
    Lynda B #35

  12. 5 bags of carrots ...... Well eat them up and you will have great eye sight for crafting!!!

  13. Hi Bears, thank you for the earlier visit. Today will be my first day for a photography class, well a class on how to use all the buttons and knobs on my camera, so it is back to school for me too LOL.
    Have a great week.
    Krisha #18

  14. Wow! You have online grocery shopping?! I so could make use of that! Question: is Wilbur going to write a novel? Should we be queuing up for a first copy? :) Good luck getting some crafty stuff done. Offer a snack...in the kitchen....giggle. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #92

  15. Good for Wilbear--keep up the good work!

    And it looks like some lovely carrot salad, carrot soup, and carrot cake is in the future for all of you . . .

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww!
    #31 this week with
    ATCs Around the World

  16. Happy WOYWW!! Happy crafting!
    -Tera #3

  17. Good luck with the OU studies! Happy Crafting in your spare time... thanks for visiting my space today. Helen 19

  18. When life gives you carrots - make carrot chutney.

  19. Hello there Bears! Sounds like there's lots of busyness at your house! Good luck with the Humanities degree - now will that include History? Thanks for stopping by earlier. I was wondering, do you have forebears? Perhaps one of these days you could show us some pics of the bears' great-greats! Julie Ann xx #42

    1. We do have forbears but we're awaiting an invite to Who Do You Think You Are to reveal all, as all famous bears do.

  20. Hi Bears ! Wow you are going to have more than good vision - you'll be able to see through walls with all those carrots ! Carrot & Coriander soup - delish !
    have a great time with your OU course - I did my Social & Industrial degree that way over 20 years ago and it was excellent !
    We look forward to even more creative posts than usual - feel free to practice on us !! Ali x #122

  21. I see lots of crunchy orange snacks in your future! If I were closer I'd come by for a visit and a carrot stick or two. Good luck with the course!

  22. Good Luck with the studies! Hope you are looking forward to all the carrot recipes you can make, just think how much better your eyesight will be! Chris77

  23. Wilbear's new studies sound great but a pity it means Horace can't make his cards and share them with us. I can see carrot juice being consumed in great quantities over the coming weeks unless of course any of the bears have rabbit friends? Hope you have a great week! Danie #48

  24. lol so many carrots... how many do you need for a carrot cake ?? or three.... sorry about the card making but its for a good cause .. you never know you may all get something worthwhile from the OU course ... goo dluck witthe studies and have a furry fun week Andrea #44

  25. A lovely mishmash... good for you Wilbear, on signing up for your new course - wish you loads of luck and fun.

    And, if you're interested, I have a fabulous recipe for carrot and dill soup that I created... would deal with at least some of that heap!
    Alison xx

  26. What a lovely Blog! Love your Bears! :)

  27. well theres only one thing for it... make carrot cake, in industrial quantities!

    Gill x

  28. Hello Bears, big cuddles from us across the pond and Wilbur you keep up the hard work. laughed at the carrots, you could always bake carrot cake LOL

    Belated WOYWW wishes, sorry for not getting back sooner, working horrible hours and just not enough hours in the day.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 86


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