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Thursday, 26 September 2013

The finished journal

Hello there, just a super quick post from me today, for those who were interested in the Moleskine I was decorating for Wilbear, here is the completed version. After my acrylic attemps were thwarted, I thought I would try to colour the image with Spectrum noir pens instead. As you can see from the uneven finish, this was not an easy task. I guess Moleskines were not made to be coloured!

I wanted to achieve some really vibrant hair colours. But the end result is rather washed out. Oh well, next time I shall draw on paper then glue the results on.

Back view

And a few supplies I gathered ready for him to start his course.

With love from the bears


  1. Well - you did a marvelous job for 'moleskin' !! :-) I must admit I have never tried it and it looks like very tricky stuff !

    The lady making the Bear at WOYWW 225 was #65 - did you see her ???? I think you should protect the 'younger' Bears from seeing it though :-)

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Maybe there's something you could have painted it with beforehand to give a better surface? I know nothing useful here - I'm speculating.

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  4. I rather like the muted colours - and the pastel background is very pretty indeed. I find the only thing that can hold its own on gesso is paint - anything else will get that slightly faded look - but generally I'm in favour of that! I think this is a great RAK, and fab supplies, to set Wilbear off on his course.
    Alison xx


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