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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Catching up

Hello there. It's Horace here to show you the results of my recycled cards journal I'd begun in my last blog post. I had two weeks to make this, as Wilbear awarded himself a study break from his course. I hopped up to the desk to make not only the recycled card journal but a friendship journal to swap with my dear human friend, Cath. Both journals were made using recycled materials.

This is the friendship journal. I made the cover from an old latte sachet box. I followed a Jenniebellie Youtube tutorial. Check out the links from my last post. She's inspirational and once you've watched her videos you'll start perusing the house for any junk that can be recycled into art. The tag for this journal is from a pair of jeans. I thought it fitted in with the painty effects on the cover.

Inside I made an envelope so we can swap notes or pictures, or send each other ATCS etc.

I also made an envelope within the journal, again we can add hidden surprises. This journal will be swapped between us. Cath has made her own journal which will be swapped too and at the end we will have a journal of friendship each. I can't wait til we start to swap these.

As with the journal we're swapping with the cub, we will do separate pages as well as some collaborations. If a page is date stamped it means it's finished but if it has no stamp we can add to it as we wish.

The recycled cards journal took absolutely ages to make, but the end result was very pleasing. Again, this was made following a JennieBellie tutorial. For the covers I brayered paint over then added random strips of leftover patterned paper.

I added a pocket or two made with more latte boxes.

Which were brayered over with paint

I also used junk ads that came with the post

Splodging paint randomly over them to cover the text.

The greetings cards were all shapes and sizes, but this added to the uniqueness of the journal.

For the picture side of the cards I covered them with scraps of patterned paper and card.

And for the insides I brayered paint randomly over, adding more over any writing.

Here's the finished journal.

I think i'll use it as a poetry and quotes book.

I hope to catch up on blog visiting over the weekend. The studying has been a lot more time consuming than we thought, and we're trying to get a balance between that, art time and resting.

With love from the bears


  1. They look like fun. I made a couple of journals to give to people for Christmas presents. What I could do with is some good, thick splodgy paint to do the sort of cover-ups that you do. I shall investigate among my art suppliers!

  2. wow you've done such a good job with those. My recycled card journal is on hold for the mo or if im honest i got fed up making it. Im a shocker.
    enjoy the sharing of it between you.
    Gill x

  3. Great job on the journal and always great to recycle stuff at any time.

    Love Chrissie x

  4. Looks so interesting ... love how you've made the closure to the cover and the colours. You document the process so well Horace and so photogenic to boot! x

  5. It's a brilliant journal - I love all the recycling and fabulous painty effects you've created... Don't tempt me with the Jenniebellie videos - I don't think I can possibly store any more junk. I already hardly throw anything away!
    Alison x

  6. That looks fantastic. Well worth the time you spent making it. I've just started to make one - hope it turns out as good as yours xx

  7. Oh My !! This is fabulous. I can't imagine how long this must have taken you. The result is stunning !!!!

    IKE xxx

    Oh, by the way.... I LUV the Boots :-D xxxxxxxxx

  8. I can not WAIT to do this friendship journal with you...but already I'm changing mine lol - what talented bears you are x


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