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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Cedric sneaks a play

Hullo there, it's Cedric here. I'm sneaking a quick play while the ever studious Wilbear is away from the desk supervising podgy's sharing of the weekly treats. I'm too clumsy to be allowed my own craft stash, last time I broke the paper trimmer and glued Pooh's paw to the desk so now I just grab sneaky opportunities to jump up here and play with whatever I can grab in the allotted time. Today I grabbed junk!!! Lots of junk!!!

Look at all that recycled loveliness. Wilbear won't let us chuck a thing out. He says Horace spends far too much of the bear budget on art and craft goods, so now he saves every bit of cardboard and paper that he can get his furry paws on.

Anyway, waste not etc. Podgy had just bought himself this cake pops stand (he's sharing out the pops right now in the kitchen - I've already eaten mine), where was I? Oh yes, anyway. I knew Wilbear would insist on recycling the box so I nipped off quick with it.

It's really sturdy card, I think I'll make one of those recycled junk journals every bear raves about.

I'll use up some of the millions of latte boxes we seem to have, Wilbear drinks about 3 thousand per day to help him through his studies. No wonder he's so jittery!

Goodness, they're difficult to pull apart by paw.

I have enough here for two journals and a zillion bookmarks.

First the card needs a layer of Gesso

I won't gesso the shiny, decorated sides though. Those will be covered later with scraps of pattered paper and card. Now for the covers. As per previous journals inspired by the lovely Jenniebellie, these get a covering of scrunched up packaging paper.

Oooh I love a good scrunch every now and then. It gets out all that repressed anger I harbour that the other bears get more cake pops than me.

These will need to be dried over night, how will I manage to distract Wilbear for that long?

Yikes, I can hear him padding back in. I need to hide this lot quick smart. I'll shove it under the bed with THUTB, no one ever looks there. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak back up here over the weekend to finish the fun!

With love from the bears


  1. Ooooh !!! Such a brilliant idea and I'm glad you managed to sneak in and have a quick craft !!! I do that with boxes, but recently had to have a bit of a clear out coz I had sooooo many, it became ridiculous. I quite often cut them up at ATC bases ready to decorate. You can guarantee though, that the box I throw away is the one I will need in about a week's time to post something in !!!! hahaha LoL


    IKE xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I hope you managed not to get caught Cedric. Your projects are coming along nicely. Fingers crossed you get to finish them next time the desk is free. Cake pops sound lovely, never had one of those.
    Gill x

  3. So glad you managed to sneak some crafting time, Cedric (and glad you didn't miss out on the Cake Pops either - whatever they may be!)... Can't wait to see what's next for the junk journal. I'm starting to drown in cardboard so may have to borrow the idea!
    Alison xx


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