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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sneaky play day two.

Hullo there again. The bears popped out today for a walk in the woods. I wasn't allowed to go as last time I fell down a rabbit hole and sparked a major policebear hunt including helicopters and even the beararmy! They found me eventually taking tea with Alice.

Anyway, while the bears are away I threw a few (hundred) things on the kitchen table to carry on my junk type journal.

To all my pre cut Gessoed bits of card I added some misty colourfulness. The Gesso means that even if you spray dylusions on the card it creates a lovely pastel effect. Just spray the Gessoed pieces with water, mist your spray and leave it to sit for a minute, then dab the excess off with kitchen roll. If it looks too insipid you can add more mist over the top. Keep going until you're happy with the results then dry the card with a heat gun.

Look at the difference between the first spray and the dabbed end result

Now for the backs of the Sprayed card. These are too shiny to spray so I utilised a pack of patterned card we've had forever

Voila. Now I just have to wait for the covers to dry off. I added mist to these too then gave them a coat of PVA glue over the top. I'll let them dry overnight and persuade the bears they need another outing tomorrow, to allow me time to assemble this part work project!

I might as well have something to eat while I'm waiting. Ooh, Podgy made me a lovely loaf of bread for lunch.

Bon appetite.

With love from the bears


  1. Ooh well done Cedric your junk journal is looking great. Im loving your new look to the blog by the way. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  2. Looking fabulous :) Thank you for inspiring me yet again to get the paint and inks out! LOVING your new 'pad' hahaha

  3. Sorry to hear about the last woodland expotition... I think staying at home crafting was definitely the wiser choice (especially if you've had the same weather we've been having). Loving those inky pages... and the bread looks yummy... but I'm surprised there's no hunny!
    Alison xx

  4. Ooooh - great pieces there Cedric - such gorgeous colours. I love the little critter down on the left of your page too :-)
    Wonderful looking snakc.... what you got there with that - Olives ???????

    Have a great day.

    IKE xx

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