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Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Misted Scrapbook Page

Hello there to all our lovely followers, and anyone else who has dropped by to see what the bears are up to today. It's so nice to see you all. Now, why don't you pull up a chair and spend a little time with me, Horace, as I show you my misted edge scrapbook page?

First, as with any scrapbook page, I needed to select some supplies. I decided to use one of the monthly kits from Papermaze, as we seem to have been hoarding the kits rather than using them. They're so well put together, that we just can't bear ('scuse the pun) to split them. Anyway, Wilbear threatened to stop our pawcket money if we didn't stop hoarding and start using.

I wanted to try a technique I'd seen in Scrap365 magazine, to make a misted edge for a 12x12 scrapbook layout. So first I needed to make a frame. Luckily Pooh had recently demonstrated to blog-world how to do this. So I careful measured my base card to 11 1/2 " and cut inside the edges of the card, to ensure i had a frame effect, rather than a few errant pieces of card. Using this technique saves on card, as of course you have a whole spare square that you can use on your LO, or subsequent projects, rather than wasting the whole piece behind your patterned paper layer.

I turned and cut the card at 45 degree angles, making sure to cut just inside the edge of the card with every turn. To produce a frame, like so.

I then selected a piece of patterned paper, measured to 11 1/2" once again

but this time only turned the paper once at a 45 degree angle, and cut again.

To produce two thin strips of cut paper, Leaving a nice large square to fit neatly on our frame.

I placed the patterned paper over the background frame, and misted round each edge with Glimmer mist, inside the pizza spray booth, to minimise mess on the desk, although it does still seem to spray in whichever direction it wants- Wilbear found some green mist on the floor the other day and was not pleased. He said we're not allowed to mist at the desk any more, so sh, don't tell him I did.

I then blow dried my edges, ooh, I feel like a hairdresser, where is modom going on her hols this year?

Ahem, back to the tutorial.. I then used our trusty Herma glue dots to glue lightly around all edges of the frame

And stickied the patterned paper neatly. To produce this lovely framed and misted background page, which we can now add our photos and other embellishments to.

Take time with the positioning of your pictures and embellishments, to ensure you're happy with the final result.

I cut a title with the new Heritage Cricut cartridge that Podgy bought while I was away. I also used the tree he cut from it earlier.

Here's my finished LO, with a cute shot of me, what do you mean I'm obscuring half the page? I'm sure you far rather see my furry face.

With love from the bears.


  1. Beautiful, bears... Horace you've done a cracking job with this layout!
    Alison x

  2. You've inspired me. I bought a special book today to make craft designs in.

  3. Hi Horace - lovely layout !
    Will be using glimmer mist on my next page - great to see how you made your frame !
    Ali x


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