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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WOYWW- Podgy's monochromatic page

Good morrow fair humans and bears. Yet another Wednesday has rolled around, and the desk addicts among us know what that means don't we? Yet another peek at crafters' desks worldwide, courtesy of our lovely host,
Julia at Stamping Ground

It's Podgy here with you today, attempting a monochromatic scrapbook page of the day I came to live at The House of Bears. Here I am, just after applying my texture paste, surrounded by lots of black and white for my project. Well, if I'm attempting a page of my good self I need to use my native colours!

I searched November's Scrap365 magazine for inspiration, and found this fabulous page.

To start, I drew a rough rectangle, somewhere in the middle of my white 12x12 card, where I wanted my photo to be.

Next, I wanted to create some texture; I scraped some texture paste onto a spare piece of card, mixed it with some black watercolour paint,

And squidged (technical term) the texture through our harlequin mask, using Horace's credit card!

Hmm, i'm not sure what effect I was hoping to achieve, but this reminds me of tyre tracks!

Ah well, it'll just look like someone has driven over my page.

Next I used some black stickers to make a title

Which I placed on my tyre tracked page.

I thought the page needed a little something else, so used the harlequin mask again, this time to make a negative effect by inking the mask

and pressing it down onto my page, matching the stencil into the texture already on the page.

Before I adhere anything to the page, I always take a while to consider the placement of my elements, and to admire my furry photo of course!!

Oh look, it's me with me!

It's not really this wonky, my photography skills leave a lot to be desired. That's the problem with paws.

Now I've finished my page, it's time for me to desk hop, I love Wednesdays.

Oh, if you like challenges, don't forget the bears' monthly literary themed challenges, this months can be found if you Press your furry paw here

With love from the bears.


  1. Great job with that page - love the harlequin effect (and it's a good use for a credit card, although when in a craft shop I can think of others!!) Happy WOYWW, hugs Buttons #6

  2. What a lovely fun page. So clever of you to use your own colours too.

  3. A fun post and page! Happy woyww trace x 46

  4. Great page Podgy! Please say hello to all the bears. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @ 89)

  5. What a lovely page, Podgy!

    And thanks to your paws being black already, one does not see all the black ink on them! Wish I sometimes had black paws too!

    die amelie x

  6. Perfect Panda page, Podgy, with that b&w colour combo... and I rather like the tyre tracks, all very CSI. I hate to tell you, but from that last photo, it looks as though a human has infiltrated the House of Bears - watch out!
    Alison x

    1. A human? Goodness, we thought we eradicated those in the big bear take over last year!! Thanks for the warning.

  7. Love the scrappage and thanks for stopping by. BJ#8

  8. oh Podgy - you are adorable as is your page!

  9. LOL! Scrappy Bear! Loved seeing the process and smiled all the way thru. I admired that layout as well (I do love scrap 365) and admire you for scraplifting - I see and oh and ah and fold the mag up. Much better your way!

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (15)

  10. Podgy Panda is A-dorable B-eary sweet and C-uddly
    Love what you do:)

  11. Love Podgy Panda. My paws get in the way too and quite often cause me to make artistic changes to cover my mistakes. I also love using the negative of masks. Sandy

  12. Oh, love your finished page! Now, Podgy Dear, what is this texture paste?? It looks very nice and I would like to try some.
    Karen 129

  13. Oh Podgy, the day you arrived at the House of Bears is certainly one that needed to be recorded for posterity and you’ve done an amazing job with your page. I love the way you used the same stencil to achieve two different looks,….very clever.

    Happy Crafting!

  14. Well Podgy I am impressed. I never thought of colouring texture paste. Good idea, maybe one only a bear can think of.
    Have fun

  15. What a beautiful website with fantastic bears and pandas in it!!! I used to make bears myself and love yours - such cute faces. Happy WOYWW! Karen T 142 x

  16. This is so funny! I love bears, and was a collector for years. I have so many bear kids books because I taught Kindergarten for years. Barb #39 I think.

  17. I always love the effort you put into your photos and posts.

  18. Of course you and your bears can move into my new place as well I have lots of room and the more the merrier lol
    Bridget #41

  19. Great LO, Podgy! Happy WOYWW to you! Nan 27

  20. Hi Podgy ! Great page - you look very cute modelling - with you ! Not sure what Horace is going to say about his credit card !! Have a great week ! Ali #148

  21. Happy WOYWW to Podgy and the other bears. Fab LO and great panda colours. Hope that Horace's credit card cleaned up ok - but at least you can still use it for shopping online! My bears and Moo the Bull are waving hello. Ali x #54

  22. Lovely work Podgy! What a creative bear you are! :D

    Thanks for your comments on my WOYWW posts this week and last week (am still catching up with replies!) - the "sodastream" on my desk is a daylight lamp! :lol:

    Ali #18

  23. What a clever bear you are!!! Thankyou for sharing. Happy WOYWW Anne x #146

  24. LOL thanks podgy what a great page ...will be back next week for more have a great week #99

  25. Podgy Panda! I never noticed that you had a black belt before. I hope you only use your powers for good. I enjoy your page about you very much and of course it should be in your native colors!

  26. What a clever little panda you are, to make such a pretty picture.
    I love visiting to see what you bears are up to each week.
    Have fun.
    Von #45

  27. Hey how funny my google sign in is podgy panda!!!! After vinney the foxes biscuit advert bear...I love him

    Have a good week
    Julie (paperpathway)

  28. Podgy Panda, this page turned out wonderful! You are one talented bear, no doubt about it!

    #136ish this week

  29. LOL - what fun! Glad you liked my canvas! Thanks for stopping by....

  30. well done podgy you could try real tire tracks!

  31. I so love this blog Podgy has done a brilliant job creating the page about himself. Love it. I did a page once Podgy using my sons toy car and ran the tyres over the stamp pad and then onto the page, hey it worked for me. I did get a little inky which I see you manage to avoid.

    Bear hugs to you
    Eliza 88

  32. Podgy, you have made a wonderful job of that layout. You are such a clever panda. keep up the good work. xx Maggie #33

  33. Great LO Podgy, loe how the inspiration LO fired you up into creating another unique piece. Love that particular stencil too....hmm, gives me ideas too.


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