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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

WOYWW -Horace's Horror (H)offering

Hello there. Wednesday AGAIN? goodness, that must mean it's time for yet another peek at crafters' desks worldwide, courtesy of Julia at Stamping ground. so what's on the bears desk? well, after a comment on our blog, we just realised it's the end of the month already, which means the end of the bears' October challenge. Goodness, didn't the month go quickly? I hope you're all ready for Hallowe'en tonight? Pooh and Horace are designated Trick or Treaters and have dressed appropriately in the hope of receiving lots of nice goodies from neighbouring houses.

Anyway, our scaryfying challenge has come to an end, and there was a little tussle to get to the desk to complete this challenge

Horace won!

But, before we show you our messy desk whilst creating the challenge page, we'd like to say a huge thank you to Butterfly , Cath , Lauren and Ali H and Morning AJ for joining in with the bears this month, we really love that other bloggers take time to join in with us, crafting and challenges are so much more fun with friends. Do have a look at each other's pages as all are really fab.

So, what did the bears do for the Dracula challenge? Well this was Horace's interpretation, so over to him.

After dressing in my Hallowe'en costume, a peculiar feeling came over me, and I felt the need for blood, lots of blood.... These letters were printed on our dear friend Florence's Silhouette machine. I placed them on my journal page, and sprayed liberally with Dylusions Post box red mist. Standing the page up allowed for a drip effect, gory!!!!

Next, I chose several distress inks

And inked the rest of my journal page.

Next I chose some suitably scary background effect stamps, and rolled them randomly over my page.

I tried to make a moon by rubbing a circle with the inkssentials tool dabbed in Black Soot distress ink, for a dark and moody feel to the page.


I then printed a house from my Cricut Heritage cartridge in black card, and crumpled it in my furry fist, for a weathered effect, this was to become Dracula's castle.

I adhered some netting to the bottom right of my page, with Mod Podge, to give a more creepy feel to my project.

Next, I stamped up some TH bats

And a scary Skeleton stamp

onto tissue paper, using our usual stamping method!

I ripped round the skeleton image

And, using Mod Podge

applied the image over the netting. Using tissue paper and Mod Podge allows you to apply stamps to textured areas with no visible 'bump', as the Glue dries completely clear, and the tissue paper 'melts' into the page, leaving the stamped image behind.

Unfortunately, in this case, my stamped image seems to have melted into the page too, oh well. Art is all about experimenting, isn't it?

Here is my finished page; Jonathan Harker has just arrived at Dracula's and has a foreboding that all is not as it should be. He feels surrounded by images of death and destruction, and knows that danger is imminent.
Yikes, I may have to sleep with the lights on again tonight!

I'm off to look at a desk, or two, or three before trekking out for Trick or Treating with Pooh. Happy Haunting to you all.

With love from the bears.


  1. That's a great page love it, they are very clever bears, they stamp better then me lol!

    Happy WOYWW and Halloween

    Lou #105

  2. Love the stamping, and the post. You are all very talented bears, I just hope you don't get as icky with mod-podge as I do! Its bad enough on your fingers, in your fur must be awful!Hoping you get lots of Halloween Goodies tonight,Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #90

  3. Hi Horace! I like the way you did the skeleton over the netting. Turned out great! Hope you get lots of treats tonight!!
    Karen 107

  4. great step-by-step! happy WOYWW! Lindsay #97

  5. I'm sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don't catch anything. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it's better than reading magazines :-) ]. I'm leaving a copied comment so you know I've called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
    Big hugs,
    A x #93

  6. Oooh clever Horace, that's a fab page. Happy spooky Wednesday :o)
    Sue x (Miniowner @102)

  7. Horace is the winner for the Halloween Layout, oooohhhh scarrrrrrryyyyyy.

    Happy Halloween and Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 40

  8. Happy WOYWW to all the bears - and also Happy Halloween. I am sad that I missed joining in with your challenge - I even bought some stash for it, but then life got in the way (us humans are stupid and allow boring things to get in the way of crafting!). Horace - I love your page, and I am particularly impressed with your stamping technique. Ali x #55

  9. well done Horace I hope no one was injured in the tussle have a great spooky night. what an ace spooky creation,your stamping is afab...have a fun week with your chums ...#77

  10. This is fab really perfect for the challenge :)xxx

  11. This is fab really perfect for the challenge :)xxx

  12. Great Halloween page, love the dripping blood....LOL
    Krisha #56

  13. Your spooky background is just that, Horace, very blood-curdling stuff! I love the shadowy black bruises of the moon and bats, and the net gives great texture. Don't think you should allow it to come to fisticuffs over who's doing the crafting though... you need to bear with each other on taking turns!!
    Alison x

  14. I wasn't ready to see bears crafting when I visited you today hahaha I do like the use of his bum to great a really clear impression haha.

    Great journal page btw.


  15. Hi Horace - suitably scary for the day ! Looking forward to seeing what challenge you have for us in November ! Ali x

  16. Oh Horace, that is creepy! It looks as if you had a marvelous time making this, thank you for sharing your process. Those arty experiments don't always turn out like we think they will, do they?

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww,
    #32 this week

  17. Oh my gosh! The skeleton turned into a ghost! Well, you and Horace are right that art is often about experiments. I like how you demonstrated 'stamping in the usual method.' This is a very spooky page and very appropriate for today's post.

  18. That's superbly gory. I love your creepy page.

  19. As long as no bear blood was spilled during the making of this then we're ok! Looked like quite a tussel there for a while. Looks like you had some fun creating this lovely page and I lone the idea of sitting on a stamp to get it to work well. Must try that! Happy WOYWW, hugs Buttons #81

  20. I must say I'm very impressed with your stamping technique (he he). That is a very scary picture, excellent work. You are all very brave, daring to climb the stairs on my post.
    Have a great week.
    Von #36

  21. Wow clever bears. Happy Halloween, great page.
    FAMFA (10)

  22. Spookytaskic……..that’s all I can say Horace, you’ve done a great job with your journal page.
    I think the moon has worked really well, I love the moody feel it gives the page but that could also have something to do with all that blood!

    Thanks for stopping by this week.
    Happy Crafting!

  23. What a talented and attractive bunch of bears.


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