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Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Bears' November Challenge - Your Cubhood Favourites

Welcome to November dear friends, and to another challenge, set by your favourite blogging bears.

This month, with the weather turning colder, our thoughts turn to hibernation, and along with thoughts of hunkering down into our 15tog winter duvet, come thoughts of comfort in the form of food and books. Comfort food for bears consists of chocolate, porridge and honey, and what better for a hibernating bunch of bears than to return to some old favourites to read while winter takes hold.

When it comes to cubhood favourite books, the bears simply can't agree as to the best; Wilbear loves Alice in Wonderland, and says you just can't beat it for a comfort book. Cedric says Heidi was a well read book from his cubhood, and one he still returns to today. All of the bears love Little Women, and will take turns to read a chapter to each other every so often. Other cub fiction featuring on the bears bulging bookshelves include Charlotte Sometimes, The Wind in the Willows, The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, The Secret Garden and oh, so many many more that it would take us the rest of the month to list them all. Some we've read more times than we have paws to count on, some we've only read a few claws worth of times, but still remember the stories well.

Do you have a cherished cubhood book that you still return to as a fully grown bear? This months challenge is to make a project based on your most cherished cubhood book, one you either remember almost word for word, or one that still graces your bookshelves to this day.

Your challenge, if you dare to accept it, is
Make any project, for example a tag, card, journal page, etc of


We think reading,especially when you're young, is all about the following


These are your inspiration words for your challenge, but as this is all about your favourite book, we think it should be your choice how you interpret it.

Choose the book that you remember best, or the one you remember reading to your own cubs. Pick one feature from your book, or one quote, or illustrate the whole story. You could even be subversive and use the title of your chosen book as a start point, but turn the project into something entirely different from the original. The most important thing is to make it personal to you.

One rule


Link and leave and comment when you are done, so we can come and admire your hard work. As usual, this is a 'just for fun' challenge, as the bears nearest and dearest often take part, and we wouldn't like to be accused of nepotism in choosing favourites. We do have a bear blog challenge button to the left though, and would love for you to use it on your blog, if you so wish.

We hope we have some entrants this month, we were so pleased that 5 of you took the time to play last month, thank you all so much, crafting is much more fun with friends.

Challenge end date will be November 30th, to allow for plenty of time ( for the bears to argue about which book to choose for the challenge!)

With love from the bears.


  1. Now that sounds like fun. I shall have to give it some thought!

  2. Oh, how lovely - an excuse to go back and read them all for inspiration!!
    Alison xx

  3. I will be joining you this month. Now, to decide which book to use. Ali x

  4. I'm first yippie, thought I better get this one done early :)

  5. Happy to join this challenge! It was a really interesting one to do. Laura x


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