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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

WOYWW - Horace creates a tag and page

Hello there, gosh, yet another Wednesday? Well that means yet another desk hop around the world courtesy of Julia at Stamping Ground.

It's Horace hosting the House of Bears' desk this week. On my 'desk', which is actually the kitchen table above, is a rather natty table cover with coloured splats! now when I make a mess it doesn't show! also on the table-desk is my Pink Pig art journal, a blank tag, and some Cosmic Shimmer and Dylusions mists, which I'd moved through from the bedroom ready for my crafternoon! There, if you're into short and sweet, that will do for the WOYWW post this week. ;)

However, if, like the bears, you're into long and waffly, or you've been directed here from Dragonsdream blog, you have the pleasure of my company for considerably longer!

I'd decided to play along with this fortnight's fab challenge at Dragonsdream which was titled 'Handle With Care', the recipe being an animal, something fragile, and some kind of warning, well how could I resist that one? Here I am looking delectable with my finished tag. I've included a close up at the end of this long and laborious explanation of my projects.

For those who would rather not read all that though, my animal is my stamped bear, which is also my something fragile, as he is a vintage bear, but also fragile is the Victorian chair in the right hand corner of the tag, I've sanded the picture, and distressed it with inks for a more aged effect. The warning on the tag is '' V.O.B. Very old bear, Fragile, Handle with care'.

I decided to complete a journal page at the same time as my tag, and as I was using mists, the kitchen table was placed in the middle of the room and covered in our fab plastic paint splat cover. I didn't want to mist Cedric's newly decorated bedroom walls and there's not enough room to move our craft desk away from the corner where it nestles. Whenever I mist, I seem to send the spray in every direction except the one I'm aiming for.

The left hand side of my journal had been completed some time back, so I covered it up with Wilbear's crossword magazine, I'm sure he won't mind.

First I decided on my colours; gold and brown shimmer mists, and orange chalk mist.

I misted my art journal page with the three colours, then dabbed my tag into the wet colours.

I gave everything a quick blast with the heat gun, then misted water through my masks. Having tried two different brands of mists for this technique,
I must conclude that this seems to work better with Dylusions than Shimmer mists.

See what I mean? You don't get such an obvious relief effect with the shimmers but it is enough of an effect to enable me to carry on.

Next I took our one and only distress stain,

and SLAMMED it down into the page in a random manner. Tip - this part would be great to do when angry!!! You can really 'whump' the stain onto the page, assuaging any anger inside at the same time as producing the most amazing splatty patterns. We learnt this technique at a Papermazeworkshop , which is our local craft shop. The class was run by Louise Collins, who has her own fab Blog full of interesting techniques and ideas.

I had to remember, this page was in tandem with my Dragon's dream tag, so replicated all the techniques onto the tag.

I had some white doily hearts, so I misted and distressed one to use on the journal page.

I thought I'd move back to the bedroom for the next stage of my project, as I'd finished my messy misting stage. But, bears are easily distracted, and on the way to continue crafting, I stopped to speak to the guinea pigs we foster for Suffolk Animal Rescue. They're called Fred and Ginger, and we're looking after them until they find their forever home.

Sorry, sidetracked there, back to the bedroom. I printed out some suitable sentiments on the computer, and cut them into strips.

Which I then scrumpled up (it's much like human crumpling, but done with paws!)

I then used the Tim Holtz distress tool on the edges of the strips,

put on my paw protectors

and distressed my paper strips with Scattered Straw distress ink, for an aged look.

Keeping my paw protectors on, I started to adhere my elements to my page and tag.

Voila, a cute bear and a cute journal page

And a close up of the page. The sentiments read the same as on the tag: 'handle with care', 'fragile' and 'V.O.B. very old bear'.

And here is a close up on the tag, as promised earlier.

Thanks once again to the team at Dragonsdream for such a great challenge, I really enjoyed this one.

Now it's time for me to pad along to peruse some craft desk, oh. Before I go though, don't forget the bears host their very own monthly literary based challenges, plenty of time still to enter this Month's challenge, which is Your Cubhood/Childhood Favourite. We'd love it if you'd play along with us.

With love from the bears.


  1. Hi there, thanks for letting me peek into your creative world this morning. Such a fun post to read. I enjoyed every moment of it. You looked rather fetching in your yellow gloves I must say. Great splats too and the finished page and tag are brilliant!

  2. Great colours for your tag and page. Francesca #66

  3. Oh Horace, that table cover is a genius idea! Love that you don't have to worry your paws with cleaning - just using the gloves for crafting eh? Great tag/journal page and the guinea pigs are so cute. And aren't you cutting a dash in your camouflage look today. Love it. Happy WOYWW, hugs Buttons #77

  4. Wow - that's a colourful desk to cheer up a grim, gray day! And I absolutely love your tag and pages - they're my new favourites of yours, definitely. Beautiful stamp and a gorgeous background. Those Cosmic Shimmer mists look glorious (in and out of the bottles) - yummy! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  5. Well done Horace. What a fab job you've done today :-)
    If you'd like to pop over to our blog shop
    you will find more of my bears that are for sale.....they will all be coming with me to the craft sale we are doing Saturday so if there is something there you like get your name on it soon or I could possible make you something to order.
    A x #48

  6. Enjoy popping in to what you bears up to. Love the smash the stain technique. Your page turned out great. Nan 93

  7. LOL that is some fantastic photoing and I love the tag and all the misting - I know what you mean - I now have large plastic table covers that I drape all around the room, and then box myself in with old pizza boxes to try and contain all that shimmer getting everywhere :)

  8. Hello Horace! You are looking busy on your messy tablke today. Smiley Pot says thank you for visiting and loves that you have found some yellow gloves to match him. LOL Oh and we saw you on UKS today as well! Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@23)

  9. My, Horace, you certainly are looking dapper for your photo shoot today. Very cool background on the tag and page!! Love the warning sentiment.
    Karen 109

  10. LOL you are a fab bear and what a cute creation the sentiments are fab not sure about the rubber gloves !!!!..thanks for the shot of the guinea pigs.have a fab week ...x#26

  11. My oh my i thought that horace had been making a big mess with all those splats but he's actually produced some very fine work indeed beautiful journal page and equally gorgeous tag, what a clever bear x

  12. Gorgeous work Horace, and a most interesting and informative post- very entertaining!Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #107

  13. Happy woyww. great post bear. love the tag you made. I like to make companion pieces from time to time tags and atc's normally, should give it a go with a page as well.

  14. Love the challenge theme, totally fun! I'm not particularly angry right now but I think I'd like to try that violent slamming of the ink bottle. It does make the neatest splats. Speaking of which, I'm glad you explained your table covering because my first thought was it was a Bears Gone Wild-Craft Version. The journal and tag came out great.

  15. What a very clever and creative bear you are, Horace, to be sure! Lovely, lovely work. I should take a leaf out of your book and use paw protectors too but I don't always remember! You look so cute, because they are one or two sizes too large! Your guinea pigs are adorable! I love the tag you have made. We have one or two VOB's too, including my own special one that came to me when I was born, nearly 60 years ago. He now has a very weak neck and can't stand too much hugging.

    I love the splat technique with the distress stains. Really effective, and works off the aggressions, too!

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I can't take credit for inventing the scrap paper for wiping brushes etc. on - it came from Jennibellie - her blog and Youtube channel are worth checking out. I call her the Recycling Queen.

    Happy WOYWW,

  16. SO many beautiful misters!! And what cute piggies!

    #121ish this week

  17. Dear Horace (and housemates), I very much like the tag and journal page you've made celebrating a V.O.B. We have two V.O.B.s in our house, one named Noonie and one named Teddy. Our daughter has a menagerie of friends that she loves. There is just something about a bear. Happiest of WOYWWs to you. ~ Laura #108

  18. Happy WOYWW to Horace and Friends. I had wondered how you all kept so clean when working with ink and glue - now I know that you are sensible and get the Marigolds out! Loving your piggy friends. I used to run a guinea pig rescue service, but now just have one boy called Rodney (and the pony who came with him!) who had been abandoned. His friend, Eric, sadly died a few weeks ago. My health meant that running the rescue service was too much for me, but I do miss all the squeaking! The tag and journal page are both gorgeous. Seen that stamp on tv and always wanted it. Ali x #19

  19. I love the tablecloth...but try as I might, I can't see the pink p ig!! Surprised at your one and only Distress Stain....I bought one and it made much more sense to me than the inks, so have steadily I ncreased my collection!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. :) Such a wonderful post, you and your bear created a fantastic tag. Thanks for dreaming with us at Dragons Dream TIO this fortnight.

  21. lovely tag and page, thanks for sharing at TIO

  22. Well Horace, you sure did have a great time making your journal page. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Those guinea pigs are adorable, our guinea pig, Smudge, says hi from Australia.
    Have a great week.
    Von #44

  23. Well Horace you have been having a splatting time there on the kitchen table. Hope you can continue and also that you don't get paint on your lovely hooded jacket.
    Hugs and Thanks for visiting me, Neet 47 (one day I will be early instead of playing catch up) x

  24. My goodness you have been a busy bear.
    Sandra @18

  25. Gosh you have a VCB (Very Clever Bear)there. You should hang on to him!
    Love the idea of a splat table cover to hide the mess. Wonder if I should do my kitchen like that!

  26. Lovely tag & page Horace ! Thanks for stopping by - and for the sneak peak of the guinea pigs too ! Have a fun week Ali x #21

  27. Fabulous tag Horace! Thank you for dreaming with us at Dragons Dream... May x

  28. Lovely WOYWW post (sorry I am a bit late) I love everything you have made and really adore the tag. I am seeing a lot of mentions of the mists and dylusions inks - If they can make my craft work look as good as yours I will have to buy some. Happy Friday! xxx Laura #51 P.S you look so cute in those gloves ;o)

  29. Horace am loving both your journal page and your tag. The splats look fab. Thanks for sharing with us at Dragons Dream TIO. Elizabeth xxx

  30. Whobwould have thought a bear would look good in rubber gloves! Greatvtake on the challenge for dragons dream ! Trace. X

  31. Horace your Paw Protectors are very sensible and your camouflage top makes you look even more adorable. Hope your beary good friends won't be jealous at me saying that. Thank you for showing us your very lovely VOB creation. Henry was most impressed.


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