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Monday, 12 November 2012

Cedric's Busy Day

Hello there, your new friend Cedric is back. I'm still trying to persuade the bears to let me stay here, and what better way to do that than to show them my handy-bear skills. This time, decorating the bears' lounge, which was looking a little tatty.

First, I had to strip, and for all you naughty followers hoping for that kind of post, I meant the wallpaper!!!!

Pesky stuff kept falling all over me, ugh, and it was soggy too. Did you know wet wallpaper sticks to bear fur? Nor did I!!!!

Scraping the backing paper off was such hard work, especially as the other bears all claimed paw injuries to excuse themselves from helping.

I found pasting the paper an easier task

And hanging the paper was going well

With the aid of my super little brush

Until I realised I should have added slightly more glue to the paper before hanging it. Oops, where'd the world go?

Note, the other bears contribution to the decorating! I joined them for a mid-decoration bear nap!

Eventually I finished though. Do you think they should let me stay?

With love from the bears.


  1. If they do decide to throw you out you'd be welcome at my house! Excellent decorative skills.

  2. Oh Cedric, surely you have earnt permanent residency by now? those mean bears seem to have you slaving away!!

    On the plus side great job with the lounge :) xx

  3. They should definitely let you stay... in fact I'm with Lauren - I think they're exploiting you. Time to make a stand, Cedric - with those skills, you're worth your weight in gold!
    Alison x

  4. Dear Bears - I'm voting for Cedric to stay ! Seems willing to lend a paw & sure he'll be great company on your arty adventures ! Ali x

  5. Dear Bears - I vote for Cedric to stay too! and next time give him a hand....I mean paw! ;o) xxx


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